Ultimate Camping Guide to the Kepler Track
12 Feb 2023

Hiking the Kepler track requires some planning. This camping guide will give you more freedom if you are looking to book last minute.

Hiroshima’s Healing Highlights
08 Apr 2021

I'm waiting in a short line outside Nagataya, a traditional restaurant reknown for the some of Japan's best Okonomiyaki, the classic and delicious Japanese savoury pancake. It's mid-winter and a...

The Best of Budapest on a Budget
20 Dec 2019

Budapest has lured backpackers and budget travellers for decades. It's comparative prices being favourable to the rest of Europe. In recent years, tourism has boomed, pushing up prices and budget...

Corn Du peak on Pen y Fan
Hiking Pen y Fan
13 Dec 2019

Pen y Fan, the highest peak in South Wales topping 886m above sea-level. A popular, accessible but challenging hike in the Brecon Beacons National Park. A trail of two summits...

Top 10 Things to See & Do in Mostar
09 Dec 2019

Most people visit Mostar for two things. The 500-year-old stone bridge and the divers who plunge off it. The 'Old Bridge' represents the heart and soul of the city and...

banagil cave portugal
The Best Places to Visit in Portugal in 2020
18 Nov 2019

Portugal was once at the edge of the known world. It made it the perfect launchpad for many pioneering expeditions during the rampant age of discovery. Travel and adventure simply...

Faroe Islands Running Festival
11 Oct 2019

On the home stretch, I was pretty stoked. The first trail marathon in many years. The Faroe Islands had to equal, if not surpass, the others in terms of scenery....

Camping the Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB)
31 Jul 2019

The Tour du Mont Blanc is a hikers dream. Soaring snow-capped peaks, immense glaciers, quaint hamlets and a great selection of food! 174km, 3 countries and 9000m+ of ascent and...

Running Runnymede
19 Jun 2019

A morning run from the London suburb of Egham through Runnymede on the anniversary of D-Day brought us to the very foundations of democracy. Only London can reveal such deep...

Becoming a Parkrun Tourist
19 Jun 2019

Keeping fit while travelling can be a challenge. Unfamiliar terrain, finding time between sight-seeing activities and many other excuses are readily available while on the road. Travel by its very...

A Zip-liners Guide to the World
16 Apr 2019

At Sling Adventures there's nothing we love more in life than a zip-line. We've imagined cities where zip-lines were the only way to travel, hikes where zip-lines form a necessary...

Space Tourism
26 Mar 2019

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took the first steps upon the moon 50 years ago this July. Since then only 10 others have followed in their still-visible footprints. While 570...

Memphis to New Orleans Road Trip
28 Feb 2019

Head South from Memphis for ride through the music, history, civil war and civil rights that define the modern United States of America. Follow the longest river in the nation,...

basins landing campground sunset
Camping at Basin Landing
24 Feb 2019

Finding a decent place to camp within an hour from Sydney in native bushland, on the water and not too over run with people, on a weekend is nigh on...

taormina sicily
The 10 Best Places to Visit in Sicily in 2019
21 Feb 2019

Extending off the toe of Italy's boot-shaped coastline, Sicily stands out as destination worth exploring. While planning our upcoming trip to Europe, Sicily was firmly in our sites. Rumbling volcanos,...

blue boat house
South-Western Australia Itinerary
15 Feb 2019

After spending 3 months in the back blocks of Freo in Western Australia it was, unfortunately, more work than play. We did however, stray from facing our screens (and serving...

Xmas Travel Quiz Answers
18 Dec 2018

Our xmas travel quiz was designed to test your travel knowledge and some quirky Christmas customs from around the world and get you in the mood for the festive season. For those keen...

House Sitting Tips for New House Sitters
16 Dec 2018

Some of our best travel experiences of late have been through house sitting. House sitting has become a new travel niche with home owners and house sitters connecting through trusted...

Travel Quiz Answers – November
04 Dec 2018

We had a great response to our first travel quiz designed to test your travel knowledge and awareness of the world. Some mentioned it was a bit tough for their liking!...

trail running
Ultra-Marathon Trail Run Race Day Deconstructed
07 Nov 2018

Ultra-marathon trail running. What is it like to run 100km or further? There is a growing movement of people looking to push their body past the humble road marathon. Choosing...

turo car rental
Pros and Cons of Turo Car Rental
25 Oct 2018

I'm standing in a suburban street, a 10 minute Uber ride from San Francisco airport. In front of us is undoubtedly the smallest car I've ever seen. I open my...

washington square
New York City Locals Guide
11 Oct 2018

New York City is as amazing as it is a daunting place to visit. It may suck you in and just as quickly spit you out if you are not...

Lincoln Memorial - Washington DC
Washington DC Walking Tour
10 Oct 2018

Washington DC is a walkable city with wide open esplanades and a well-planned layout to align the many monuments, memorials, museums and government buildings that make up this District of...

Ruins of St Paul's Macau
Visiting Macau as a Non-Gambler
04 Oct 2018

Macau is a fusion of Chinese and Portuguese culture, cuisine and architecture. Portuguese held the land for 400 years and transformed a fishing village into a major colonial outpost. The...

Fort Sumter Charleston South Carolina
Tips for Visiting Fort Sumter in Charleston
02 Oct 2018

Almost all guides to Charleston list Fort Sumter as the number one attraction for visitors. It certainly is a place that put Charleston on the map many years ago during...

russian turkish bath nyc east village
Getting on the Schvitz in New York City
22 Sep 2018

I shuffled on the wet and slippery tiled floor, ready to accept my fate. I met my captor, a nameless Russian. His eyes shone red from the exposure to the constant...

Nasi Goreng warung bu mangku
Nasi Goreng Tour of Bali
18 Sep 2018

Nasi Goreng, the unofficial national dish of Indonesia. This ubiquitous item appears on menus from Jakarta to Denpasar. While 'fried rice' is the literal translation, this simple dish combines many...

icefields parkway
Renting a Car in the USA – What Insurance Do I Need?
10 Sep 2018

The USA is designed to be explored behind the wheel. The freedom to hit the highway on an epic road trip or explore your chosen destination independently makes renting a car...

Housesitting USA
House Sitting USA
25 Aug 2018

We'd had two amazing but very different house sitting experiences after arriving back in Australia. From a summer stint in on the East Coast of Australia to the wintery but wonderful...

Fort Johnson
The Forgotten Fort of Charleston
25 Aug 2018

On James Island just outside Charleston lies the few moss-covered remains of Fort Johnson. There is no plaque, no tour and no entry fee. It is rarely visited, mostly because there’s...

Autumn tree Moss Vale
Southern Highlands Weekend Escape
18 Aug 2018

Whether it be a country wedding or simply a weekend getaway that brings you to the Southern Highlands, you will no doubt be in search of some events and activities...

Southern Highlands Wine Tour
Southern Highlands Wine Tour Guide
10 Aug 2018

The Southern Highlands boasts some of the best conditions for cool climate wines in Australia. Being just over an hour's drive from either Sydney or Canberra, it's easy for many...

Pie Time
Top 5 ‘Pie-land’ Experiences
28 Jun 2018

Our expedition to sample the pies of all 26 bakeries in the Southern Highlands Pie Trail is over. With so much variety on offer when eating the humble pie, it was...

Stones Patisserie Berrima - Award-winning Head to Tail Pie
Stones Patisserie Berrima
25 Jun 2018

We began this pie trail run at the 2017 PieTime winner, Southern Rise Bakery in Moss Vale. It was fitting then that we finished it with the newly crowned 2018 PieTime champions,...

Two Skinny Cooks Berrima
Two Skinny Cooks Berrima
25 Jun 2018

Berrima is a hot spot for pies in the Southern Highlands. Four bakeries in Berrima make it to the official trail yet there are more bakeries in Berrima to choose...

Shaggy Cow Mittagong - Pie
The Shaggy Cow Mittagong
25 Jun 2018

The Shaggy Cow Mittagong is a popular lunchtime venue on the turn-off to Bowral. It has quite a gourmet and seasonal menu with all food made fresh on-site. Despite not...

mcvitty grove cafe pie
McVitty Grove Cafe
25 Jun 2018

McVitty Grove Cafe is on the remote and winding Wombeyan Caves Road about 7km from Mittagong. Rolling hills quickly take over the scenery and you instantly ease into a relaxed frame...

The Scottish Arms Bowral
The Scottish Arms Bowral
23 Jun 2018

Persistent rain on this pie run made it feel like I was in the Scottish Highlands rather than the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Which of course was a...

southern pies kangaroo valley bridge
Southern Pies Kangaroo Valley
21 Jun 2018

I admit I was a bit delirious when I arrived at Southern Pies in the township of Kangaroo Valley. After running a marathon punctuated with 3 stops at various pie shops...

barrengarry general store worlds best pies
Barrengarry General Store
20 Jun 2018

Pie lovers would know the Barrengarry General store. It has been displaying the bold claims of 'The World's Best Pies' on its roadside sign just outside Kangaroo Valley for many years....

fitzroy falls general store
Fitzroy Falls General Store
18 Jun 2018

The newly crowned 'Best vegetable pie in NSW & ACT' the Fitzroy Falls General Store is an unassuming dark horse on the Southern Highlands Pie Trail. With no listing on...

mount ashby estate
Mount Ashby Estate
18 Jun 2018

There is no telling where running around the Southern Highlands can take you. La Palette Cafe, located in Mount Ashby Estate just outside Moss Vale was like being whisked away into a...

Exeter General Store
13 Jun 2018

I had actually already passed by Exeter General Store some days ago by surprise whilst heading out to Heatherbreas Pies at Sutton Forest. I thought this the first time and...

farm club australia werai
Farm Club Australia, Werai
13 Jun 2018

Farm Club Australia is a working farm, accommodation, cafe, nursery and soon to be outdoorsy mecca. It is only 10km off the Hume Highway from Sutton Forest yet it is in...

Pie Time
The Mill Cafe Bowral
13 Jun 2018

The Mill Cafe Bowral is a large warehouse whose bohemian style interior wouldn't be out of place along a street in Sydney suburbs like Surry Hills, Darlinghurst or Newtown. It's eclectic...

stones patisserie bowral
Stones Patisserie Bowral
11 Jun 2018

A contrast to recent runs, this was only a 2.5km jog through the streets of Bowral to Stones Patisserie just off Bong Bong St. A few extra runners joined in the...

robertson pie shop
Robertson Pie Shop
10 Jun 2018

Let's say up front, Robertson Pie Shop is an institution. A family run business for the last 37 years, all family and friends were on deck when we visited in...

hilltop village bakery oven
Hilltop Village Bakery
08 Jun 2018

Hilltop Village Bakery is a community-minded bakery in this remote outpost of the Southern Highlands. A scenic run was had through equally remote Colo Vale with farmlands making up much...

whatman pie bradman museum
Stumps Cafe in the Bradman Museum, Bowral
04 Jun 2018

Australia's favourite son, Donald Bradman 'The Don' perfected his cricketing talents here in the Southern Highlands before taking his unmatched skills to the world. Apart from his batting records, many...

Heatherbraes Pies
Heatherbrae’s Pies, Sutton Forest
03 Jun 2018

It was a long 26km out to Heatherbrae's Pies Sutton Forest. Winding country roads were well suited to a Sunday motorcycle ride. Alas, I'd have to proceed on two feet!...

courtyard cafe berrima
Courtyard Cafe Berrima
02 Jun 2018

We were pleased to attend the official launch of the Southern Highlands Pie Time event in Berrima. We got the low down on Pie Time events happening across June and...

Southern Highlands Pie Trail Run
The Great Southern Highlands Pie Trail Run
01 Jun 2018

There are few items you could list that immediately say 'Australia' better than the humble meat pie. That staple satisfying snack to grab on the run or road trip. A...

burrawang general store
Burrawang General Store
30 May 2018

This was the first of the 'long runs' for the Pie trail run. It was exactly 20km to run out to Burrawang. The Burrawang General Store has been in existence...

Cerro Castillo
5 Unmissable Day Hikes in Chile
27 May 2018

If you forget your hiking boots when travelling to Chile you'll soon regret it. There are so many hiking options to choose from, each with their own unique traits. Thick...

tirana hostel
Albanian Road Trip
22 May 2018

It would be fair to say Albania is not on everyone's bucket list. It may not promote the same spirit of sailing as say Croatia. It may not deliver the...

warung biah biah
Warung Biah Biah: Tapas-Style Indonesian in Ubud
15 May 2018

The bustling Warung Biah Biah grabs you by all five senses as you enter this Ubud institution. The air is filled with delicious smells of authentic Indonesian cuisine and lively...

gumnut mittagong pies
Gumnut Patisserie Mittagong
11 May 2018

Part of the Southern 'Pielands' Gumnut franchise. The Gumnut Patisserie Mittagong acts as the beating heart of this local Gumnut pie enterprise. It forms the warehouse where the famed Gumnut...

chelsea bakery pie rack
Chelsea Bakery Mittagong
11 May 2018

Chelsea Bakery Mittagong is a dark horse in the pie trail stakes. A simple setup with some delicious pies. The run over from Burradoo felt longer than expected but relatively...

Mt Oxley Aboriginal Tribute
Gumnut Patisserie Berrima
09 May 2018

The run to the Gumnut Patisserie Berrima was up and over Oxley Hill. Running was under clear and sunny skies, yet not too hot, a wonderful time of the year...

gumnut patisserie bowral
Gumnut Patisserie Bowral
08 May 2018

Repeated winners of the Royal Easter Show pie competitions, Gumnut Pattiserie Bowral is considered royalty by locals in Bowral. The shopfront windows are littered with gold medals it's difficult to...

Southern Rise Bakery Moss Vale
04 May 2018

As winners of the 2017 Southern Highlands PIE FEST it made sense to start at the Southern Rise Bakery in Moss Vale. The run was very pleasant following the trail along...

Grey glacier Torres Del Paine
Grey Glacier Hike in Torres Del Paine
26 Apr 2018

Hiking to Grey Glacier in Torres Del Paine is for many a bucket list adventure.  This mighty glacier forks like a snake tongue as it reaches the edge of the...

running a marathon race day
Running a Marathon – Race Day Deconstructed
19 Apr 2018

Running a marathon is an ultimate goal for many runners whether you are an elite runner or a weekend warrior. You've followed a semi-rigid training and nutrition plan, including the Sunday...

byron bay lighthouse
East Coast Australia Road Trip
22 Mar 2018

With just over a month to spare, an East Coast Australia road trip was in order. With no fixed itinerary, we uncovered a few gems. After a 3-month Chilean road...

Isla Bruja Hot Tub
Isla Bruja Lodge
13 Mar 2018

The Isle of Chiloe holds many charms and delights for the avid traveller. From cute penguins to oversized oysters and mythical creatures to medieval churches. It has natural beauty and...

torres del paine
Torres Del Paine – DIY Guide
01 Mar 2018

Torres Del Paine. The epicentre of the Southern Patagonian Icefield. The mecca for trekkers around the world. Majestic scenery that no photo will truly capture. Yet Torres Del Paine has...

Chile Campervan
Chile Campervan Adventure
29 Jan 2018

Most epic road trips are booked long in advance, have a detailed itinerary and a list of must do's along the way. So with a week's notice and knowledge of...

camping el festival
Camping El Festival, Tunuyan
21 Jan 2018

Camping El Festival was case of arrive for one night and stay for four. 60km south of Mendoza in the heart of the Uco Valley wine region, El Festival was...

camping incnita
Camping Incnita, Pica
10 Jan 2018

Pica was pitched as an oasis in the northern Atacama desert. While that was not entirely true, Camping Incnita definitely gave us respite from the dry heat we had spent...

camping pan de azucar
Camping Parque Nacional Pan de Azúcar
07 Jan 2018

Our first on beach campsite in Chile was at Camping Parque Nacional Pan de Azúcar and it didn't dissappoint! The wide and open beach is within the National Park and...

Fitz Roy, El Chalten
El Chaltén
04 Jan 2018

The custom-built adventure town of El Chaltén . A by-product of the Chilean and Argentinian arms race to secure tourism sites in southern Patagonia. This Argentinian stake in the ground forms immediate...

Refugio Del Angel Pisco Elqui
Refugio Del Angel, Pisco Elqui
02 Jan 2018

Refugio Del Angel, simply an oasis among the mountains bordering the Elqui Valley. Northern Chile in summer is hot and very dry, particularly when heading up into the Andes. The...

Seven Cups Radal National Reserve
Camping, Seven Cups Radal National Reserve
01 Jan 2018

Looking for a relaxed campsite to celebrate New Year's Eve in Seven Cups Radal National Reserve took some doing. A 30km of rough roads outside of Molina had us scouring...

Carretera Austral road surface
Carretera Austral
30 Dec 2017

The Carretera Austral, a triumph of Chilean engineering and a relic of the ruthless Pinochet dictatorship. Once isolated northern Patagonian towns eventually connected by a passable terrestrial thoroughfare after 20...

Camping Las Bandurrias La Chamiza
Camping Las Bandurrias, La Chamiza
29 Dec 2017

Most travellers will tell you Puerto Montt is best used as a transit hub and little else. However, consider staying at Camping Las Bandurrias should you find yourself caught short...

chilean fjords navimag
Sailing the NaviMag
29 Dec 2017

It was a bleak Christmas Day's evening in the far south of Chile. Celebrations on this day were mild with Christmas Eve being the main celebratory event. We stood outside...

Cerro Castillo
The 10 Commandments of Hiking
22 Dec 2017

No matter what religion you do or don’t follow, hikers share a common love of nature which came from something other than us humble humans. The biblical story of Moses...

camping guino
Camping Guino, Puerto Natales
20 Dec 2017

With a 'Penguino' (penguin) as its logo, aptly named Camping Guino is located in the base town for the ever popular Torres Del Paine. The space is a large open...

Climbing Volcan Villarrica
16 Dec 2017

Volcan Villarrica dominates the skyline when seen from the Ruta 5 heading south through the Lake District of Chile. The symmetrical snow-capped conical peak soars high above any surrounding landmarks....

Iguazu Falls – Day Trip From Buenos Aires
13 Dec 2017

Iguazu Falls is a violent, rampaging, relentless avalanche of water flowing west to the confluence of the Iguazu and Parana Rivers.  Located at the far northeastern tip of Argentina it...

camping el relincho el chalten
Camping El Relincho, El Chaltén
11 Dec 2017

Located in Argentina's trekking capital of El Chaltén, Camping El Relincho is a perfect base for accessing the many lovely hikes available directly from the campsite. A large enclosed communal...

hosteria de la patagonia
Hosteria de la Patagonia, Chile Chico
09 Dec 2017

A popular exit and entry point between Chile and Argentina along the Carretera Austral is Chile Chico. It over 100km drive from the Carretera Austral along pretty rough, steep and...

El Camping Coyhaique
El Camping, Coyhaique
06 Dec 2017

Being the largest town along the Carretera Austral, Coyhaique doesn't boast much options for camping. Thankfully, El Camping is more than adequate to accommodate travellers that need to stay close...

Camping Parque Nacional Queulat
Camping Ventisquero Colgante
01 Dec 2017

Along Chile's Ruta 7, the infamous Carretera Austral, in between Chaiten and Coyhaquie lies Conaf operated Camping Ventisquero Colgante, home to the 'hanging glacier'. The campground is just off the...

Camping Paredes Isla Quinchao
Camping Paredes, Isla Quinchao
30 Nov 2017

After a long day touring around Isla Quinchao and the historic churches off the coast of Chiloe we headed to the remote township of Palqui on the north of the...

Ella Rock View
How to Climb Ella Rock in Sri Lanka
29 Nov 2017

A drawcard of Ella, Sri Lanka is a hike up Ella Rock. Yet mysteriously no route map exists, no trail markings are present and the whole affair seems shrouded in...

camping agrotourismo chepu
Agrotourismo Chepu, Isla Chiloe
27 Nov 2017

The remote west coast of Isla Chiloe boast rugged wilderness, Humboldt penguins and seabirds. On a visit to the small inlet at Chepu, accommodation was sparse although we located Agrotourismo...

Camping Werner
Camping Werner, Llanquihue
26 Nov 2017

Camping Werner has perfect views across Lake Llanquihue to Volcan Orsono. It is ideally positioned to enjoy all the delights of the Los Lagos region, and an alternative to Puerto...

Enladrillado summit
Hiking Enladrillado
25 Nov 2017

My feet are still throbbing after 7 solid hours of hiking over loose rocks, wobbly logs and soft snow. An arduous but rewarding trek in middle Chile amongst dense forests,...

Camping La Poza Pucon
Camping Parque la Poza
24 Nov 2017

Situated just off the main street, Camping Parque la Poza provides a super convenient camping location to access the main street of the adrenaline capital of Chile, Pucon. We stayed...

camping parque nacional altos de lircay
Camping Parque Nacional Altos de Lircay
24 Nov 2017

After staying at Camping Los Nogales de Vilches we moved closer to the trails at Camping Parque Nacional Altos de Lircay rather than hike the first 4km on a trail we could...

Los Nogales de Vilches
Camping Los Nogales de Vilches
23 Nov 2017

Heading out of San Clemente it wasn't long before hitting our first strip of 'ripio' roads for the trip. Rutted gravel roads that reduce speed to about 40kph. Camping Los...

Camping Laguna del Perro
Camping Laguna del Perro, Pichelemu
21 Nov 2017

Camping Laguna del Perro was our first campsite in Chile! After scouting out Pichelemu's windswept peninsula in town we settled on this very serene campsite a few kilometres south of...

Capri by Fraser Rooftop Pool
Balinese Visa Run
12 Nov 2017

With Bali a growing destination for expat and digital nomads, co-working spaces have sprung up, wifi has improved, so too has the coffee. One thing that is unchanged however is...

Drone Photography
Drone Photography Tips
08 Nov 2017

Not yet as common as the infamous selfie stick, and certainly a little more expensive, drones have taken the world by storm. There is nothing like a fresh perspective to...

Ubud Monkey Forest
Ubud Monkey Forest
07 Nov 2017

A baby clings to its mother's chest as she scampers up a tree, a lone rebel is trying to crack a resilient nut on the pavement and a village elder...

Riding a Scooter in Bali
Riding a Scooter in Bali
20 Oct 2017

It's a sorry sight, bandaged legs limp through the streets, arms are cradled in slings, the odd face scraped and a few blistered calves. It's like watching soldiers returning from...

Tegalalang Rice Terrace
In Pursuit of Happiness
16 Oct 2017

Rice paddies cascade down volcanic mountains like green lava fields. Terraced land is so ubiquitous it looks as though formed from nature in this self-proclaimed island of the Gods. Workers...

yoga class ubud
My First Yoga
15 Oct 2017

Warrior pose, chaturanga and uttanasana were all new phrases being added to my vocabulary. Sweat was dripping profusely down my brow and I could barely maintain my grip on the...

Mt Bakur, Bali
Mt Bakur Mountain Biking
02 Oct 2017

There is nothing that says adventure more than cycling down an active volcano. An overblown imagination might conceive visions of racing rivers of lava down the mountain. Yet, with reports...