Albania is not a country with a thriving tourist trade. It is in the shadow of the more popular Croatia and Montenegro to the north and Greece to the south. Yet, sometimes it is more of an adventure when picture postcard moments are fleeting.

Rozafa Castle

Rozafa Castle overlooking the northern city of Shkodër has been a strategic military position since the beginnings of the Roman empire. Today, you can walk in almost unobstructed and stroll around these ancient ruins.

Tirana driving

Take an Albanian road trip! Drive north from Tirana through green valleys and small villages to get a taste of Albanian life. Driving in Tirana though is not for the faint-hearted!

Albania was the world’s first atheist state during it’s communist rule. Even today, there is no official religion declared.

Travelling in Albania

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Posted by Warren | 22 May 2018
Albanian Road Trip

It would be fair to say Albania is not on everyone's bucket list. It may not promote the same spirit of sailing as say Croatia. It may not deliver the...