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The mountainous principality of Andorra is wedged between France and Spain within the Pyrenees mountains. Valley roads wind there way through stone built cottages with flowers in the windows in summer months. Come winter the action picks up for the ski season. It contains the influence of both France and Spain yet Andorra has a vibe of its own.

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Cycling through Andorra is a challenging yet rewarding method to take in the scenery. While some of the climbs will test elite athletes just remember what goes up must come down!


On occasion the Tour de France passes through Andorra on it’s annual pilgrimage around France. We were fortunate to witness the colour and ceremony of ‘le Tour’ when we visited in 2016.

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Andorra la Vella has the highest elevation of any European capital city. It sits at a lofty 1023m above sea level.

Travelling in Andorra

The view from Andorra Arcalis.
Posted by Warren | 09 Jul 2016
Tour de France, Andorra

A piper is playing an infectious and lively tune. Twenty middle-aged men in lycra dance merrily on a hairpin bend on the road. A colourful mob of Columbians are adorned in...