antarctica flag

A perpetual winter wonderland braved by very few humans year round. Plenty of penguins spend their lives here though with summer welcoming migratory mammals and sea birds. Antarctica is special and it’s a real privilege to visit.

antarctica saling

A cruise ship or sailboat can get you to the shores of Antarctica. This is where the fun begins! Grab a kayak, some skis or a pair of snow shoes or crampons to get up close and personal with wildlife and the most snow and ice you will ever see.

verdansky base antarctica

The kooky Ukranian Verdansky base houses the most southern bar in the world. Home made vodka flows freely and so does the music and continual toasts long in to the evening!

antarctica sunset

Antarctica is not actually a recognised country (and has no ownership) but is a ‘de facto condominium’ that is governed by countries who are party to the Antarctic Treaty.

Travelling in Antarctica

paradise bay mountain climbing antarctica
Posted by Warren | 05 Jan 2014
Climbing in Paradise Bay, Antarctica

Sailing into Paradise Bay evokes images of palm trees and white sandy beaches. Instead Paradise Bay, Antarctica is surrounded by towering snow covered mountains. These dispense icebergs the size of...

jabet peak summit
Posted by Warren | 16 Jan 2014
Port Lockroy, Antarctica

The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust staffs the most southern post office in the world located at Port Lockroy on the Antarctic Peninsula. This remote outpost attracts a resilient crew over the...

Glacier Camping Kershaw Peaks Antarctica
Posted by Warren | 13 Jan 2014
Camping on an Antarctic Glacier

Camping on an Antarctic glacier during a blizzard is perhaps not everyone's idea of a happy birthday. Yet this is what I found myself waking to on my 37th lap of...