Camping El Festival, Tunuyan

camping el festival

Camping El Festival was case of arrive for one night and stay for four. 60km south of Mendoza in the heart of the Uco Valley wine region, El Festival was only a few minutes drive from the centre of the Tunuyan township.

Being in steak and malbec territory we spent the days mastering the art of the Argentine parilla using the spattering of coals to slow cook gigantic steaks and wash them down with more than just a few mugs of delicious malbec. You can see why we struggled to leave!

The good

La Festival was like a self-contained community with a small restaurant doing pizzas, a small convenience stall, gigantic pool and mostly Argentinian families in residence.

The bad

It was busy on the weekend with barely a site free. A few rowdy groups brought large speakers and blasted away on occasion but if you were far enough aay it just added background noise to the overall pleasant ambience of the campground.

The awesome

Standing with a parilla on the go alongside many an Argentine fellow cooking up his family’s meal. Over 4 nights perfecting the preparation of the fire and the timing of the cooking with a glass of wine in hand.

Camping El Festival Ratings:

  • Overall: 4 stars
  • Ambience: 4 stars
  • Facilities: 3 stars


  • 200 Argentinian Pesos per person


  • Electricity: Yes
  • WiFi: Yes, service was intermittent
  • Hot Showers: Yes
  • Lighting: Yes
  • BBQ: Yes.
  • Shade/Shelter: Yes


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