Courtyard Cafe Berrima

courtyard cafe berrima

We were pleased to attend the official launch of the Southern Highlands Pie Time event in Berrima. We got the low down on Pie Time events happening across June and we were thrilled to be an official ambassador, presented with a Pie Time t-shirt to wear whilst running from town to town. All this after a 10km run over the Oxley Hill once again.

After meeting a few local dignitaries we met Tony, previously a teacher from Waverley College, and now the new owner of the Courthouse Cafe in Berrima. The official Pie Trail Map we are following listed a mysterious Berrima Bakery as bakery #14 yet no record exists of it anywhere. As a result, we took the executive decision to replace Tony’s cafe on our list.

Running Stats:

  • Distance: 10.5km
  • Time: 50 mins

Pie Charts:

The in-house special was the ‘Triple B’. The Beer, Bean and Beef pie was at first a curious mix but the beer added a sweet flavour and the beans went well with thick chunky pies of juicy beef steak. Also, the pie was massive, so we definitely got our money’s worth.

  • Pie: Beer, Bean & Beef
  • Pastry: A large pie, the pastry needed to support its weight so was a little harder than some others but held together well.
  • Filling: I can still taste the sweet subtle beer flavour, all the flavours complimented each other, as I do Tony on his pie creation.
  • Cost: $7 for the triple B.
  • Sauce tax: none (although we’d recommend no sauce with the triple B)
beer bean beef pie

The unique and super tasty Beef, Bean and Beef pie.

Southern Highlands Pie Trail Run

The Southern ‘Pielands’ Trail Run went for the month of June. As ambassadors for ‘Pie time’ we ran to all of the 26 bakeries on the official Pie Trail to see what they had to offer. See our reviews of all 26 bakeries, their stories and their pies.

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