Fitzroy Falls General Store

A Hidden Gem in the Highlands
fitzroy falls general store

The newly crowned ‘Best vegetable pie in NSW & ACT‘ the Fitzroy Falls General Store is an unassuming dark horse on the Southern Highlands Pie Trail. With no listing on Google Maps and no information online on whether it was open, closed or in fact did pies, it was not until turning up in person after 25km of running was it confirmed it is not only in operation, but it is in fact award-winning.

fitzroy falls general store

The award for the 2018 Best Vegetarian Pie NSW/ACT. Well Done Sue!

Owner, operator, head chef and straight-talking pie queen, Sue Boivin has crafted a homemade pie-making machine in this remote and kitschy township of Fitzroy Falls. With the iconic waterfall lookout just down the road, many would zoom right past the old fuel pumps and eclectic roadhouse appearance. But after a walk (or run) through the Morton National Park, a fresh and hot homemade pie will just hit the spot.

fitzroy falls general store

A warm and cozy place for an award-winning pie in the Highlands

The award-winning pie was, of course, all sold out on our visit. Still, there are many more pies to choose from, all made personally by Sue herself. The attention to detail is, no doubt, the secret to her success. Sue spoke of the Pie Time award received only days earlier, proudly displayed on the countertop. She was pleasantly surprised to win the vegetarian category stating “I’m not even vegetarian!”

Running Stats:

  • Distance: 25km
  • Pie Running Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Pie Charts:

We chose the Beef and Bacon Carbonara pie from the wide selection available and Sue generously gave us a vegetable pastie to give a sense to what the award-winning vegetarian pie tasted like.

  • Pies: Beef & Bacon Carbonara; Vegetable Pastie
  • Pastry: Pastry was divine. The pastry hand rolled by none other than Sue herself.
  • Filling: The vege pastie was filled with flavour. The carbonara was extremely creamy surrounding perfectly cooked thick strips of bacon.
  • Cost: $7
  • Sauce tax: None. Local brand sauce available on the counter.
fitzroy falls general store

The Beef & Bacon Carbonara pie fresh out of the oven.

Southern Highlands Pie Trail Run

The Southern ‘Pielands’ Trail Run went for the month of June. As ambassadors for ‘Pie time’ we ran to all of the 26 bakeries on the official Pie Trail to see what they had to offer. See our reviews of all 26 bakeries, their stories and their pies.

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