Mount Ashby Estate

A Taste of France in the Highlands
mount ashby estate

There is no telling where running around the Southern Highlands can take you. La Palette Cafe, located in Mount Ashby Estate just outside Moss Vale was like being whisked away into a French country villa. A crackling fire in a centuries-old French fireplace was surrounded by handcrafted antiques of a similar age. It was a very warm and cozy welcome we received after stepping out of the coldest weather experienced in the highlands this year.

mount ashby estate

A welcoming site after running 12km in the cold!

We got talking with the proprietor Sally Beresford who with her husband Chris have created this exquisite and all-round authentic French experience. From 200-year-old antique mirrors and her own hand-crafted tables to a gigantic stone fireplace which had required its own passport to be imported from France. This is a place where everything has been thought through, to the finest detail, and everything has its own unique story to tell.

An under-dressed runner sampling the pastry lid of the hearty Beef bourguignon pie at Mount Ashby Estate.

This is definitely a place to return, sans running gear, of course, to enjoy the rest of the menu and a long lunch with a few glasses of wine. We will be sure to book a table first!

Running Stats:

  • Distance: 13km
  • Pie Time: 1 hour and 10 minutes

Pie Charts:

For Pie Time, Mount Ashby Estate had a Beef bourguignon pie served with a glass of Shiraz. With lunchtime rush beckoning we were grateful for a seat by the fire to enjoy a hearty pie, a sip of wine and getting to know the history and future plans of this grand estate.

  • Pie: Beef bourguignon.
  • Pastry: The Beef bourguignon only has a pastry lid. This was a crunchy pastry good for soaking in the rich filling.
  • Filling: Cooked solely in red wine, this hearty rich beef bourguignon filling melted in your mouth. It went perfectly with the accompanying shiraz.
  • Cost: $30 (includes a glass of wine, albeit during Pie Time)
  • Sauce tax: None, and also not applicable.
mount ashby estate

The hearty Beef Bourguignon pie best enjoyed with a local Shiraz rather than Gatorade!

Southern Highlands Pie Trail Run

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