Robertson Pie Shop

A Pielands institution
robertson pie shop

Let’s say up front, Robertson Pie Shop is an institution. A family run business for the last 37 years, all family and friends were on deck when we visited in the height of the busy June long weekend. A line extended to the end of the store, all waiting to get their hands on some of the Robertson Pie shop goodness. For me, it was a beacon at the end of an arduous 29km run through the wet, windy and wintery weather. Chilled to the bone, some piping hot meat wrapped in pastry was just what the pie doctor ordered.

robertson pie shop pies

Warming up with a pie after 29km running in the rain.

This pie shop is old school. No putting on the dog around here. Pies served straight up in paper bags just as I like them. Although many were ordering so many they walked out of the store with boxes full of pies. This pie shop does a roaring trade. Located on the turn off to Kiama and Jamberoo it is an uber-popular stop on the Sunday drive. In fact, any day one cares to travel between the coast and the pielands a wide selection of awesome pies await the weary traveller.

robertson pie shop quote

Pie making is taken seriously in these parts!

Running Stats:

  • Distance: 29km
  • Pie Time: 2:45

Pie Charts:

A classic meat pie was consumed before even perusing the menu. This pie was simple survival, to satisfy the hunger and warm the insides enough to think rationally. Once the craving subsided we moved on to the award-winning chicken and leek with camembert cheese along with an old favourite, the beef bacon and cheese. The beef bourguignon was, sadly, sold out for the day.

  • Pies: Classic beef; Chicken leek & camembert; Beef, bacon & cheese
  • Pastry: The pastry hit the spot. Super flaky, the kind where afterwards, your table looks like someone has opened a bag of confetti.
  • Filling: Piping hot pies. the beef oozed with gravy, the camembert was melting perfectly over the thick chunks of chicken and the beef, bacon and cheese had a harmony to its own. It was a very satisfying pie experience.
  • Cost: $5.20 for classic beef; $6.60 for the gourmet options.
  • Sauce tax: 30 cents.
robertson pie shop pies table

An award-winning Chicken, leek and camembert (right); Beef, bacon and cheese (left).

Southern Highlands Pie Trail Run

The Southern ‘Pielands’ Trail Run went for the month of June. As ambassadors for ‘Pie time’ we ran to all of the 26 bakeries on the official Pie Trail to see what they had to offer. See our reviews of all 26 bakeries, their stories and their pies.

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