The Great Southern Highlands Pie Trail Run

In Celebration of Pie Time
Southern Highlands Pie Trail Run

There are few items you could list that immediately say ‘Australia’ better than the humble meat pie. That staple satisfying snack to grab on the run or road trip. A simple blob of sauce on the top and you’re off. A pie in whichever variety you choose will salivate the driest of mouths. The expectation of piping hot meat and gravy housed in a soft and flaky pastry.

After a few weeks based in Bowral, nestled in the Southern Highlands of NSW, there were ample flower shows, art exhibits, farmers markets, even group dog walks to attend. Yet one festival stood out from the others.  Pie Time is a celebration of the humble pie for the entire month of June. There are 26 pie shops listed on the official Southern Highlands Pie Trail, and it was without much hesitation that we decided to try them all whilst in residence.

As good as a pie tastes there is the obvious concern for the waistline. So to keep the bulge at bay it was decided that running to each pie shop would help burn the calories consumed. With 300-400km of running to cover, the Southern Highlands Pie Trail Run was born. The challenge? To run to all 26 Southern Highlands Pie Trail bakeries and sample their pies before the official Pie FEST in Bowral on 23-34 June.

Top 5 ‘Pie-Land’ Experiences

We bring you the Top 5 Pie-Land Experiences after sampling from all 26 bakeries on the Southern Highlands Pie Trail.

Southern Highlands Pie Trail Map

Southern Highlands Pie Trail Run

The Southern Highlands Pie Trail Map listing the 26 bakeries we ran to. (Download PDF)

The Best Southern Highlands Pies

Here we list the all the pies sampled along the Southern Highland Pie Trail with a link to the detailed review on each bakery and its signature pies.

Farm Club Australia, Werai

farm club australia werai

Steam billows out of the wagyu beef pie alongside the best relish you’ll ever taste.

Robertson Pie Shop

robertson pie shop

‘The Famous Robertson Pie Shop’. The chicken and camembert will have you hooked.

Gumnut Patisserie: Bowral | Mittagong | Berrima

gumnut patisserie bowral pies

Three locations in the Southern Highlands. Gumnut is royalty in these parts taking out so many awards they’ve run out of room to hold them.

Barrengarry General Store aka. ‘World’s Best Pies’

barrengarry general store worlds best pies

World’s best? Well, you will need to try it for yourself! World’s Best Pastry most definitely.

Mount Ashby Estate

mount ashby estate

Escape to France at Mount Ashby Estate. The hearty Beef Borbingnon pie best enjoyed with a Mount Ashby Shiraz by the open fire.

Chelsea Bakery Mittagong

The Steak, Tomato & Onion (top) meets Ned Kelly (bottom). Best value pies in the Highlands.

Fitzroy Falls General Store

fitzroy falls general store

A hidden Highlands gem. Award-winning vegetarian pies with plenty more for the meat-lovers. Near to the amazing waterfalls.

Burrawang General Store

burrawang general store pie

Awake the senses with a delicious pie in the sleepy village of Burrawang

Stumps Cafe, Bradman Museum Bowral

whatman pie bradman museum

Combine your love of cricket and your love of pies at the Stumps cafe, connected to the Bradman Museum in Bowral.

The Mill Café, Bowral

the mill cafe

Get your hipster on at the Mill Cafe. Or just enjoy their awesome pies.

Courtyard Cafe Berrima

beer bean beef pie

Look a Beef, Bean and Beef pie in the eye at the Courtyard Cafe in Berrima.

Heatherbraes Pies, Sutton Forest

heatherbreas pies

Vintage pies at Heatherbraes at Sutton Forest, right on the Hume highway.

McVitty Grove Cafe

mcvitty grove cafe pie

Caution: 12-hour, slow-cooked lamb ahead…

Hilltop Village Bakery

hilltop village bakery pies

They say it takes a village to make these pies. Pies served straight up, from the community spirited Hilltop Village Bakery.

Stones Patisserie: Berrima | Bowral

Stones Patisserie Berrima - Award-winning Head to Tail Pie

Stones Patisserie located in Berrima and Bowral – This was awarded the best pie in NSW in 2018. The Head to Tail Pie.

Southern Rise Bakery: Moss Vale & Robertson

Southern Rise Bakery in Bowral.

The Bacon & Cheese pie at Southern Rise Bakery in Moss Vale.

Two Skinny Cooks, Berrima

Two Skinny Cooks Berrima

Gourmet pies at great value for money down at the Two Skinny Cooks in Berrima.

Southern Pies Kangaroo Valley

southern pies kangaroo valley

The signature Cheeseburger pie. Yes, it exists! And, tastes as good as it looks and sounds.

Scottish Arms, Bowral

The Scottish Arms Bowral

A hearty Beef & Guinness Pie. Nothing better on a wet wintery day in the Highlands

Exeter General Store

exeter general stor pie

Is this just not the best looking pie you’ve ever seen? Enjoyed down at the Exeter General Store.

Shaggy Cow, Mittagong

Shaggy Cow Mittagong - Pie

Overhead shot of the beef cheek pie and accompanied mocktail.

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