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Diverse, dramatic and the epitome of the outdoors, Canada is rich in history and adventure. From the Maritimes in the east to the rockies in the west, there is something for everyone. And, the Canadians have a reputation as the friendliest you’ll find anywhere, except when it comes to ice-hockey, then the gloves come off!

via rail train canada

A train trip from coast to coast across Canada will let you experience the often not seen interior. A train ride will let you hop on and hop off along the way and you may be tempted to head north from Manitoba to Churchill on the edge of Hudson Bay to see Polar Bears wandering about the tundra.

cottage country muskoka

Cottage country about two hours north of Toronto, enjoy boating on lakes, relaxing on docks and staying in a cabin in the woods.

alert canada sign

Alert, a small town on the northern tip of Ellsemere Island in Nunavut is the most northerly continually habited place on earth, just 800km shy of the north pole.

Travelling in Canada

icefields parkway
Posted by Warren | 31 Oct 2005
Icefields parkway

Snow drifts sweep across the road. Elk and deer dart in front of the headlights. We'd stop if there were any towns nearby yet we must push on to Jasper...

trans canada train
Posted by Warren | 19 Oct 2005
Trans-Canada Train

If time is on your side, take the train. A good rule to live by. Trains generally arrive in the centre of town, have more space and you are free...

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse
Posted by Warren | 22 Sep 2005
Peggy’s Cove

Head down the Atlantic coast from Cape Breton towards Halifax. A long drive and we are a bit over it after arriving into town. We look for a place to...

cabot trail cape breton
Posted by Warren | 20 Sep 2005
Cabot trail, Cape Breton

Arrive into Nova Scotia off the car ferry from Prince Edward Island. We head towards the Cape Breton National park. Home to one of the world's most scenic drives. A...

Prince Edward Island
Posted by Warren | 16 Sep 2005
Prince Edward Island

Arrive in Moncton, New Brunswick after an early flight from Toronto. Pick up our hire car and opt once again for a PT Cruiser to sort us out for our...

Quebec City
Posted by Warren | 06 Sep 2005
Quebec City

Train journey to Quebec City is peaceful snaking alongside the St Lawrence river. Train station in Quebec City is outside the walls of the old city and at the bottom...

Posted by Warren | 04 Sep 2005

Having left jobs in Sydney for 12 months to travel we soon found ourselves in Toronto, working. So after 4 months we decided to chuck our jobs in again and...

Tobermorey camping Ontario Canada
Posted by Warren | 17 Jul 2005

Allison and I plus Cath and Marty hit the road in our hire car to Tobermory on the Bruce Penninsula which is about 4 hours drive north of Toronto. Cruise...

Toronto Ontario
Posted by Warren | 24 Jun 2005
A Summer in Toronto

Having experienced a few days of a bitterly cold winter in Toronto a few months earlier, spending time in the summer months seemed a better alternative. So on return it was...

niagara falls
Posted by Warren | 05 Jun 2005
Niagara Falls

While working out of Toronto for 6 months an easy and obvious side trip was the iconic Niagara Falls. Allison and myself plus Toronto co-conspirators, Cathy and Marty, get a bus...