Camping, Seven Cups Radal National Reserve

Seven Cups Radal National Reserve

Looking for a relaxed campsite to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Seven Cups Radal National Reserve took some doing. A 30km of rough roads outside of Molina had us scouring all campsites signposted along the dusty road. The main attraction to the area being the seven cupped shaped waterfalls (now reduced to five thanks to some earthquakes).

Most campsites were full of Chilean families getting geared up for New Year celebrations. We were set for a more relaxed, quiet and peaceful arrival of 2018. We continued onwards to the end of the road at the National Park.

The good

Most campsites were secluded from the others and spread far into the forest with a natural shade covering. Walks were well sign posted leading out of camp.

The bad

Electricity points didn’t work and the hot showers were intermittent. Firing up the heater was required before each shower. The trails leading to each site were also a bit of a maze, with tight sections if you were driving.

The ugly

Actually knowing where and how to camp at Seven Cups Radal National Reserve was a challenge. The Conaf campground sign posted at the end of the road was closed. The Conaf information centre offered no alternative. It wasn’t until we saw another Conaf campground with a latched gate that we discovered this campground. Still it wasn’t clear how or who to pay, even after talking to a ranger.

Seven Cups Radal National Reserve Camping Ratings:

  • Overall: 3 stars
  • Ambience: 4 stars
  • Facilities: 3 stars


  • 6,000 CLP per person


  • Electricity: No (although plug points are at each campsite)
  • WiFi: No
  • Hot Showers: Yes, need to start gas heater before showering though
  • Lighting: No
  • BBQ: Yes, although no fires permitted when we stayed.
  • Shade/Shelter: No, tress give shade cover though


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