Camping Werner, Llanquihue

Camping Werner

Camping Werner has perfect views across Lake Llanquihue to Volcan Orsono. It is ideally positioned to enjoy all the delights of the Los Lagos region, and an alternative to Puerto Varas. We spent 3 days with the campground entirely to ourselves. The pleasant owner went to great lengths to make us feel welcome for the duration of our stay.

The good

The campsites were spacious and had electricity and lighting provided. Portable fireplaces were situated throughout and firewood, while sparse, was able to be found on the beach. The toilets were well done and super clean with hot water consistently available during the advertised hours.

The bad

A fence separated the campsites from the beach, no doubt to keep beach goers from encroaching on the campground. However it made accessing the beach a little difficult as the gate was closed in the morning and evening.

The awesome

The views across the lake are constantly distracting and as the sun sets the sky turns pink over the mountains just about the time you are settling into dinner. Birds frolic in the water off the beach and are simply mesmerising.

Lake Llanquihue

Views over Lake Llanquihue from Camping Werner


  • Overall: 4 stars
  • Ambience: 4 stars
  • Facilities: 4 stars


  • 8,000 CLP per person


  • Electricity: Yes
  • WiFi: Not accessible (although signs indicate it was available)
  • Hot Showers: Yes
  • Lighting: Yes
  • BBQ: Yes, but firewood limited.
  • Shade/Shelter: No. Tree coverage is OK for about 80% of sites.


Turn off the Ruta 5 just before Llanquihue town and Werner campground is next door to a small sporting complex. A gate on rollers prevents immediate access however the intercom can summon the pleasant host.

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