Hosteria de la Patagonia, Chile Chico

hosteria de la patagonia

A popular exit and entry point between Chile and Argentina along the Carretera Austral is Chile Chico. It over 100km drive from the Carretera Austral along pretty rough, steep and windy roads, or you can get a car ferry from near Coyhaique. We took the first option and arrived into Chile Chico in the middle of a Sunday siesta. Nothing was open so we were pleased to arrive at our chosen campground at Hosteria de la Patagonia.

The owner was very welcoming and the owners are locals but have Belgian origins so it had a European feel to it. The campground is to the side of an impressive wooden guest house should one want to splurge for their first (or last) night in Chile.

The good

With decent WiFi, hot showers, electricity, BBQ and wood available it ticked all the boxes in terms of facilities we needed. Having visited all the campgrounds in Chile Chico before this one, this was definitely the pick of the bunch!

The bad

A specific issue to our stay but a hose was turned on, likely accidentally) which flooded our space completely!

The awesome

Two dogs on site were very friendly, the puppy was extra adorable and would play around with us all day if we wanted to. Also the place was empty expect for a large overlanding truck, although the occupants never left their self-contained vehicle.

Hosteria de la Patagonia. Ratings:

  • Overall: 4 stars
  • Ambience: 4 stars
  • Facilities: 5 stars


  • 8,000 CLP per person


  • Electricity: Yes
  • WiFi: Yes
  • Hot Showers: Yes
  • Lighting: Yes
  • BBQ: Yes and plenty of firewood was available
  • Shade/Shelter: No


Simply on the left of the main highway as you are leaving Chile Chico towards Argentina.

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