The most populated country on earth with over a billion people. China dishes out history, culture and exotic cuisine in equal doses.

great wall of china

Walk along the great wall of China, many sections only a day trip from Beijing. See how the Chinese aimed to prevent the advances of the rampaging armies of Genghis Khan.

Take a trip to the Ozone bar in Hong Kong located on the ear-popping 118th floor. The highest rooftop bar in the world.


The city of Macau was leased from China by Portugal in 1557. It was handed back in 1999 and is now the gambling capital of the world, 4 times that of Las Vegas.

Travelling in China

Ruins of St Paul's Macau
Posted by Warren | 04 Oct 2018
Visiting Macau as a Non-Gambler

Macau is a fusion of Chinese and Portuguese culture, cuisine and architecture. Portuguese held the land for 400 years and transformed a fishing village into a major colonial outpost. The...