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Thick jungles, bountiful birdlife, mayan ruins and cobbled colonial towns make Guatemala nearly a compulsory stop on your trip through Central America. In between dodging tarantulas and the local fireworks, you’ll constantly be kept on your toes!

pocaya volcano

Guatemala is arguably the action capital of Central America, although Costa Rica might disagree. Tikal has ruins, Semuc Champey has caving and waterfalls, Antigua has volcanos, Chichi has markets then learn Spanish in San Pedro on Lago Atitlan. All the while running the gauntlet of the ever-present chicken buses.

casa del mondo

Stay at Casa del Mondo on Lake Atitlan, spectacular views and only really reachable by boat across the lake.

resplendant quetzal

The currency of Guatemala is the Quetzal, named after the national bird, the Resplendent Quetzal. In ancient times the feathers of the Resplendant Quetzal were used as currency. Your humble Quetzal is no doubt happy the Ministry for Finance switched to banknotes!

Travelling in Guatemala

Antigua church
Posted by Warren | 25 Dec 2005
Christmas Antigua, Guatemala

Christmas day. And looks like we may get to experience the full 24 hours allocated to this special day. From midnight the intensity of fireworks hit a crescendo as a...

Pocaya volcano
Posted by Warren | 24 Dec 2005
Climbing Pocaya Volcano, Guatemala

Christmas Eve. What better day to climb a volcano. A 6am start as the pre-arranged bus arrives at the door of the Yellow House. Martina and I hop in having been...

San Pedro Guatemala
Posted by Warren | 19 Dec 2005
San Pedro Spanish School

First day of Spanish School in San Pedro. Martina got us each a traditional German 1st day of school gift. A brown paper bag of sweets. Sweet! Upon arrival to...

Casa del Mondo Lake Atitlan
Posted by Warren | 17 Dec 2005
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

We had enjoyed a very decent meal in Santa Cruz the night before. Prepared by our German host it was a 6 course degustation meal. Totally at odds with what we...

Chichicastenengo graveyard
Posted by Warren | 15 Dec 2005
Chichicastenango Markets

Chichicastenango sounds like a made up place for a town. It is the type of name that warrants a little jig each time I say it. Each time trying to...

Semuc Champey Guatemala
Posted by Warren | 11 Dec 2005
Semuc Champey

After a much needed sleep from the previous day's travels we are up early. Our accommodation is in a wooden hut perched on a hill. We are not in the main...

chicken bus guatemala
Posted by Warren | 09 Dec 2005
Chicken Bus Marathon

There's always a risk when travelling that you'll have a bad day. You know it's going to happen, just not when. All began peacefully with a journey north via taxi...

tikal ruins guatemala
Posted by Warren | 04 Dec 2005
Discovering the Lost City of Tikal

We have breakfast with the yachtie set on the Rio Dulce. We say adios to Capt John and the Windy Dancer and also to Sean our Canadian companion. Although we...