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As a pivotal location for the ancient mayan civilisation, Honduras has remnants and ruins in all corners of this Central American country. Hugging a decent portion of the Caribbean coast, it has an eclectic mix of Spanish and afro-caribbean culture.

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A lot of the attraction of Honduras for travellers lies beneath the water. A mecca for scuba divers and one of the cheapest place to complete your PADI certification is on the island of Utila.

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Swim with whale sharks off the coast of Utila. While a PADI qualification is not needed to swim with the naturally shy creatures, patience is. And, be aware they may not be the only sharks lurking in the depths!

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The renowned travel writer Paul Theroux wrote his most successful novel The Mosquito Coast set in La Mosquita, home to a World Heritage listed tropical rainforest. The film which starred Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren and River Phoenix was actually filmed in Belize.

Travelling in Honduras

whale shark utila
Posted by Warren | 02 Jan 2006
Whale sharks, Utila

Very hot in Utila which is an island off the Caribbean coast of Honduras. Being Caribbean it has it's own culture and English is widely spoken along with a form...