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The rich diversity and culture of India brings a sea of humanity with over a billion people to meet as you travel the country. Agra holds the drawcard Taj Mahal but don’t miss the spiritual Varanasi and the lifeline of the Ganges which will leave you with a new found awareness of hinduism. For a change of pace head south to Kerala and cruise the backwaters on a converted rice barge.

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You won’t (and shouldn’t) avoid train travel in India. With over 20 million locals taking the train every day it’s a perfect way to get assimilated into the Indian way of life! Check out for timetables and tickets.

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Stay at The Old Harbour House in Fort Cochin, Kerala. While the hotel itself is an amazing old colonial building it is a perfect place to access houseboats in the well known backwaters where you’ll cruise past small villages at a snail’s pace.

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The Taj Mahal is closed of a Friday. On the full moon you can get a night time viewing, which is a unique way to see this wonder of the world. Just hope for clear skies!

Travelling in India

Kerala Backwaters Houseboats
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Kerala Backwaters, India

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Ritual washing Varanasi
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Taj Mahal
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A Night at the Taj Mahal

We had passed the 3rd level of security. The small group of tourists was down to 12. We felt like Charlie visiting Willy Wonka's chocolate factory clasping our golden tickets....

The effigy of Ganesh being led to the sea.
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Ganesh festival, Mumbai

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