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With over a quarter of a million people, the archipelago of Indonesia covers a lot more territory than you might think! We recently spent 3 months in Bali, a great opportunity to take time getting to know a place like a local as much as possible.

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Some of the best scuba diving in the world can be had in Indonesia. Pack your PADI license or do your diving course here to get beneath the surface. For land lover’s there are many volcanos to hike up and peer into the core of the earth.

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Sepeda Cycle Tours running out of Ubud have one of the most authentic cycling experiences in Bali. Wayan and his brother Ketut will take you through villages, waterfalls and end up in their family home for a late lunch.

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Indonesia contains the most volcanos of any country in the world. So it is a place where you too can let off some steam and explore!

Travelling in Indonesia

Nasi Goreng warung bu mangku
Posted by Warren | 18 Sep 2018
Nasi Goreng Tour of Bali

Nasi Goreng, the unofficial national dish of Indonesia. This ubiquitous item appears on menus from Jakarta to Denpasar. While 'fried rice' is the literal translation, this simple dish combines many...

Food at the Bali Bohemia
Posted by Erin | 29 May 2018
Top 5 Ubud Eats

With more restaurants in Ubud than you can poke a pair of chopsticks at, the choices soon become overwhelming. We've narrowed down our top 5 Ubud Eats to make the...

Bali Bohemia Sign
Posted by Erin | 28 May 2018
Bali Bohemia: Live Music and Cool Vibes

Connecting people through the appreciation of art and music. If you are looking to get off the beaten tourist path in busy Ubud, you need to venture across to the...

Fair Warung Bale
Posted by Erin | 28 May 2018
Fair Warung Balé: Socially Responsible Dining

Eat, drink and save lives! You would think that Superman is the only person who can save lives in-between courses at a restaurant but apparently we can all be superheroes...

warung biah biah
Posted by Warren | 15 May 2018
Warung Biah Biah: Tapas-Style Indonesian in Ubud

The bustling Warung Biah Biah grabs you by all five senses as you enter this Ubud institution. The air is filled with delicious smells of authentic Indonesian cuisine and lively...

Posted by Erin | 09 May 2018
Naughty Nuri’s: The best damn BBQ ribs in Bali

If there is a list of legendary eatery's to visit around the world, Naughty Nuri's in Ubud is on that list. A traditional looking warung in Bali Indonesia; there is...

Capri by Fraser Rooftop Pool
Posted by Warren | 12 Nov 2017
Balinese Visa Run

With Bali a growing destination for expat and digital nomads, co-working spaces have sprung up, wifi has improved, so too has the coffee. One thing that is unchanged however is...

Ubud Monkey Forest
Posted by Warren | 07 Nov 2017
Ubud Monkey Forest

A baby clings to its mother's chest as she scampers up a tree, a lone rebel is trying to crack a resilient nut on the pavement and a village elder...

Riding a Scooter in Bali
Posted by Warren | 20 Oct 2017
Riding a Scooter in Bali

It's a sorry sight, bandaged legs limp through the streets, arms are cradled in slings, the odd face scraped and a few blistered calves. It's like watching soldiers returning from...

Tegalalang Rice Terrace
Posted by Warren | 16 Oct 2017
In Pursuit of Happiness

Rice paddies cascade down volcanic mountains like green lava fields. Terraced land is so ubiquitous it looks as though formed from nature in this self-proclaimed island of the Gods. Workers...

yoga class ubud
Posted by Warren | 15 Oct 2017
My First Yoga

Warrior pose, chaturanga and uttanasana were all new phrases being added to my vocabulary. Sweat was dripping profusely down my brow and I could barely maintain my grip on the...

Posted by Erin | 12 Oct 2017
Seniman Coffee Studio

If you’re looking for somewhere to nomad for a day in Ubud, the Seniman Coffee Studio is a great little café tailored to the working wanderer. Located on Jl. Sri...

Mt Bakur, Bali
Posted by Warren | 02 Oct 2017
Mt Bakur Mountain Biking

There is nothing that says adventure more than cycling down an active volcano. An overblown imagination might conceive visions of racing rivers of lava down the mountain. Yet, with reports...

Telaga Waja River Rafting Bali
Posted by Warren | 13 Sep 2017
Rafting the Telaga Waja River

Gabus was telling us to cross our legs, lay back and brace for the worst. Till now, a lovely river raft on the Telaga Waja had been serene sailing. Sure,...