Fair Warung Balé: Socially Responsible Dining

Fair Warung Bale

Eat, drink and save lives!

You would think that Superman is the only person who can save lives in-between courses at a restaurant but apparently we can all be superheroes now.

1 meal = 2 free medical treatments

This innovative dining concept has created a way for people to donate to charity by doing what they do everyday. It is simple, ingenious and accessible for everyone. All you do is what you usually do; go out for lunch, dinner or drinks. All they do is give 100% of the profits from that meal to the Fair Future Foundation, the Bali Sari Foundation and their associated medical care programs. They have calculated that the profits from one meal provide two free medical treatments for poor, sick, disabled and disadvantaged people across Indonesia.

Fair Warung Bale

A snap shot from inside the Fair Warung Bale, on the main tables. Sorry for the quality, low lighting with a mobile camera – eek! 🙁

The beginning of a socially responsible revolution

When I read about the Fair Warung Balé, I just knew I had to go straight away. It all began when Alex Wettstein and Sarah Favre founded the Fair Future Foundation in 2006. After working for large medical organisations across South-East Asia, Alex wanted to do more to improve access to free health care for people in need. He still works for the foundation full time in Indonesia, as a medical worker and 100% a volunteer.

Alex actually dropped by one of the nights we were there. Getting on the microphone, he thanked the team running the Fair Warung Balé that evening and told us about the growing success of the foundation due to our support and contribution. Contribution? We had a gorgeous meal, huge portions at low prices in a bustling social setting. I did not feel like I gave as much as I took but it just goes to show you what a wonderful concept this is.

By 2017 they had treated 32,000 people, whom without this foundation may not have been able to get any help; and in 2018 they will be opening a new children’s hospital.

So the Fair Warung Balé has a good soul, what about the food?

The food is fantastic! Flavoursome, hearty and bountiful. Quite honestly, I am not sure you would find the combination of the generous portion sizes and low cost anywhere else in Bali. It is no surprise that the Fair Warung Balé is a very popular place. If there is more than two of you, you really want to be reserving in advance, just to make sure you get a seat. We have probably had a good spread of what is on the menu and everything has been really good.

Chicken with orange, mint & cashew nuts & rice at the Fair Warung Bale

The Chicken with Orange, Mint & Cashew Nuts & Rice – A very yummy main course.

And the dessert. OMG, the desserts!!! Such a yummy array of cakes, pies and crepes. Definitely go to this place hungry. You will need an empty stomach to finish of the main course and still have room for a delicious dessert.

Banana Crepe at the Fair Warung Bale

You’ll have to forgive us for this one. We dug in before taking a snap. It’s the remains of a Banana Crepe.

If you can’t wait to find out what’s cooking, here is the Fair Warung Balé menu.

A fun house in the middle of Ubud

Not only does the Fair Warung Balé have good roots, a good soul and good food; it’s just a great place to go and hang out. On Jl. Sri Wedari, just off the main street Jl. Raya Ubud, it looks like a bamboo tree house set above the shops on the street. There is an open cooking area with large share-style tables in the main room, the balcony lined with a bar and stools overlooking the streets. Then they have little offshoot dens for smaller groups with Balé style dining on the floor.

Fair Warung Bale Kitchen

The open-plan kitchen – This picture was taken from our table.

The place is lit up like a Christmas, literally! And the music is lively, fun and loud; spinning classic pop tunes from across the decades. If the music doesn’t create enough atmosphere, then the sounds of conversation raise the roof another octave. The team managing the floor are full of energy, happy and very helpful. It is truly a unique experience and I felt invigorated afterwards. It was crazy, so different and absolutely genuine – so awesome.

Whilst we lived in Ubud, we always took the opportunity to take family and friends there when they visited us. Definitely something nice for people to be part of and I loved sharing the concept with everyone.

If you have only got one night in Ubud, try and Make a Reservation at the Fair Warung Balé.

Because let’s face it, how often can you tell people that you saved a couple of lives during dinner last night? That’s one powerful dinner… Superman and Supergirl.

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