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Laos often gets overlooked in between its more popular south-east asian neighbours. The Mekong river forms a natural highway snaking through the countryside. The ancient capital of Luang Prabang draws Monks which in turns make this a draw card for visitors to the temples overlooking the mighty Mekong.

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The Gibbon Experience will have you swinging on ziplines through the jungle like tarzan and staying in bonafide tree houses. While you won’t be guaranteed to see an actual Gibbon ape you will leave knowing this experience is designed to conserve the environment so the Gibbon can live peacefully.

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Slow boat on the Mekong. While we travelled from Huay Xia to Luang Prabang, there will be plenty of opportunities to get on the river in Laos.

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The local brew, Beer Lao, has 99% market share and only exports 1%. So take a souvenir as you may not find that crisp rice beer from Lao when you get home!

Travelling in Laos

Gibbon Experience
Posted by Warren | 10 Apr 2015
Gibbon Experience, Laos

Swing freely like Jane and Tarzan between the treetops of an old growth rainforest and stay in rustic treehouses. Participate in a harmonious balance between tourism and conservation by helping...