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Dip your toe into Africa through one of the more accessible countries in North Africa. Morocco will soon have you doing your best Lawrence of Arabia impersonation as you trawl deserts and oasis in search of familiar movie sets, gigantic sand dunes and surprisingly, skiable mountains.

marrakesh square

Find your way on foot through maze of bazaars in Fez and Marrakesh. Or, camp out under the stars after a sand dune safari with the local berbers of the western saharan desert.

ifrane morocco

If you want to cool off and get a taste of Switzerland, head to Ifrane in the Atlas mountains. You’ll see Swiss cottages, skiing (in winter) and you may notice the trees look out of place, having been imported!

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Morocco is the Hollywood of Africa with movies like Gladiator and TV shows like Game of Thrones shot in the curious named city of Ouarzazate.

Travelling in Morocco

Morocco camel safari erg chebbi
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