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This all-in-one city, country and island equals many cities for diversity and is the headquarters of many top international organisations. Whether you arrive for work or pleasure the food is worth the visit alone. All the big hotels offer a luxurious stay, shopping for many is a full time pursuit but a sense of adventure can still be found outside the malls.

singapore bumboat

Grab a ride on a bumboat through the Quays. You can actually reach Malaysia via train if you want to go overland too. Head to the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel for a drink to take in the views and if you’re nice to the pool attendant, get your way into the infinity pool!

no sign board singapore

A visit to the original No Signboard restaurant on Geylang Rd, for white pepper crab in particular, is a must.

no ballads singapore

It’s well publicised that having chewing gum, or worse selling it in Singapore is illegal. You may be surprised to hear that the singing of obscene ‘ballards’ could also land you 3 months in prison!

Travelling in Singapore

No Signboard white pepper crab
Posted by Warren | 25 Mar 2013
No Signboard Neccesary

Arriving into Changi airport my phone buzzes with an incoming message while in the customs queue. "No Signboard 414 Geylang road, Geylang". Sender was unknown. Certainly a cryptic welcome message...