Sri Lanka Surprise

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A three hour drive out of Yallingup has us arriving at Perth International airport. Driven promptly and efficiently by our driver Dennis. Dennis hailed from the USA originally but had been living in Kununurra in northern WA since he was a boy. He had a range of stories about working the land and trying to make a go of things.

The arrival at Perth airport was part of a plan to meet some friends before heading further up the WA coast to Jurien Bay for a few days before heading back to Sydney. We were right on time so I took the liberty of texting our friends to let them know we’d arrived.

Sitting in the international terminal you always get nostalgic about places you could go at the drop of a hat. My partner in crime Erin was repacking a bag and fishing around for things and handed me a load of stuff to hold. Paying it little attention but noticed a card and a book in the things I was handed. Curious as to who it was for I opened the card and saw it contained some foreign currency and was addressed to me?! Thinking I’d seen something I shouldn’t (my Birthday was 2 weeks away) I closed it before reading further.

Next I looked at the book. It was a Lonely Planet guide to Sri Lanka. Looking to Erin she is now looking at me seemingly awaiting a reaction, but not giving anything away. I asked “Who was this for? Is this for me? Are we going to Sri Lanka?”.

Erin replied “Yes”.

“When?” I enquired.

“Now!” She said with the cheekiest of grins.

“What about Jurien Bay and Filippo and Danielle?” I asked alarmed. At the same time the penny dropped they were no doubt in on the whole thing.

I had been completely had. An entire trip planning had occurred under my nose and all arrangements, even as far as getting a typhoid injection!

So first stop Singapore with a brief stop before we were touching down in Colombo at 11pm in the evening. Got a cab to the newly opened Bunkyard hostel with the driver getting royally lost the entire time. Streets in Colombo have both a local and an English name applied which doesn’t help matters.

A few revellers, noticeably Aussie girls, well advanced into playing drinking games as we arrived. It was a long day in many senses as we had travelled back in time to reach Colombo. Plus any day you wake up at 5:30am in Yallingup, WA and unexpectedly end up in Colombo, Sri Lanka you’re bound to be a little weary!

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Ever since venturing out the back gate into the bush as a kid, I've had a curiosity to escape and explore as often as I could. It's fair to say that my curiosity has continued to grow instead of fade as the years go on. It eventually came time to turn a few scribbled notes into some legible stories and travel tips for anyone with a similar curiosity as me.

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