Big Beach, Maui

big beach maui

New Years Eve, island style. Our final day in Maui and it called for some beach action. Beauty of an Island like Maui is you can get anywhere quickly with a car. So after staying on the north coast we were soon on the southern coast past the town of Makena. Past the large resorts and golf courses you come to the Makena Beach State Park.

Here there is two options. Little Beach and Big Beach. Very Hawaii. Straight up and down, just say it how it is… We chose Big Beach. Not intentionally, just that we parked the car and followed the path down to the water. Little Beach was a further walk around the point. However we spotted a perfect slinging location for the hammocks so forgive our failure to fully explore the locale!

After our visit to the historic Lahania and the 150 year old Banyan tree. It was tempting to now have a similar tree, albeit not as grand or historic, at the back of Big Beach from which we could sling from. The beach was quite busy but many had neglected setting up underneath the shade of this majestic tree.

We quickly scouted out the location and with the thick branches extending horizontally from the trunk it was possible to sling both ends of the hammock to the same branch. In fact, both hammocks were slung from the same original branch, just on different forks of the same branch. With soft white sand below, perfect shade and clear view of the dazzling blue waters, this had to be a up there in places to sling.

A dip in the sea followed by a brief siesta was a good way to spend an afternoon. The hammocks provide a good option for beach security as you can contain your valuables in the hammock and it is quite obvious if someone tries to access them. As you can see the elevated hammock from the water more so than you can a towel on the ground. Plus the hammock comes with a nifty side pocket that can obscure your valuables from view.

So a perfect way to spend the last day in 2015.

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