With 4416 official cities in the world that is a lot to cover! We’ve captured cities we rate or worth mentioning as we travel the globe, one adventure at a time.

Cusco Peru
04 Sep 2011

Get a sleep in before a taxi arrives to take us back to Cusco. Let the acclimitisation begin! Our base camp being Torre Dorada Hotel which we arrive at after...

Iquitos, Peru
28 Aug 2011

You know you're travelling when you wake up not knowing where you are, what time it is and what you're supposed to be doing next. It's 5:30am, in Buenos Aires...

The effigy of Ganesh being led to the sea.
Ganesh festival, Mumbai
22 Sep 2010

We awake early on the first day of our India travels and take a stroll out to the Gateway of India. Being early we awaken some of the locals who...

Toronto Ontario
A Summer in Toronto
24 Jun 2005

Having experienced a few days of a bitterly cold winter in Toronto a few months earlier, spending time in the summer months seemed a better alternative. So on return it was...