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Planning a mini-break? Check out the Cities we rate for a city break to get you recharged for the weeke ahead.

blue boat house
South-Western Australia Itinerary
15 Feb 2019

After spending 3 months in the back blocks of Freo in Western Australia it was, unfortunately, more work than play. We did however, stray from facing our screens (and serving...

washington square
New York City Locals Guide
11 Oct 2018

New York City is as amazing as it is a daunting place to visit. It may suck you in and just as quickly spit you out if you are not...

Lincoln Memorial - Washington DC
Washington DC Walking Tour
10 Oct 2018

Washington DC is a walkable city with wide open esplanades and a well-planned layout to align the many monuments, memorials, museums and government buildings that make up this District of...

Ruins of St Paul's Macau
Visiting Macau as a Non-Gambler
04 Oct 2018

Macau is a fusion of Chinese and Portuguese culture, cuisine and architecture. Portuguese held the land for 400 years and transformed a fishing village into a major colonial outpost. The...

Fort Sumter Charleston South Carolina
Tips for Visiting Fort Sumter in Charleston
02 Oct 2018

Almost all guides to Charleston list Fort Sumter as the number one attraction for visitors. It certainly is a place that put Charleston on the map many years ago during...

russian turkish bath nyc east village
Getting on the Schvitz in New York City
22 Sep 2018

I shuffled on the wet and slippery tiled floor, ready to accept my fate. I met my captor, a nameless Russian. His eyes shone red from the exposure to the constant...

tirana hostel
Albanian Road Trip
22 May 2018

It would be fair to say Albania is not on everyone's bucket list. It may not promote the same spirit of sailing as say Croatia. It may not deliver the...

Beale Street Memphis
Memphis, Tennesse
23 Oct 2016

After a night in what can only be described as a truckstop, Texacarna, Arkansas was an experience. Between our stay at a Motel 6, our dinner at Applebees and breakfast...

No Signboard white pepper crab
No Signboard Neccesary
25 Mar 2013

Arriving into Changi airport my phone buzzes with an incoming message while in the customs queue. "No Signboard 414 Geylang road, Geylang". Sender was unknown. Certainly a cryptic welcome message...

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
12 Sep 2011

I walk down the corridor leading away from my room. The receptionist, Natasha is scurrying toward me in a distraught state. "Gun, gun" is all she can verbally muster. She...

Sausalito San Francisco skyline
San Francisco, USA
01 Oct 2009

'Are you going, to San Fran-Cisco?' Well we are. That line never gets old as we make our way south from Sonoma near the Napa Valley. About as fitting as...

statue of liberty
New York City
02 Oct 2005

Get a bus from Boston to New York. Getting buses is difficult enough but when you have two large bags each it becomes very cumbersome! We arrive at the NYC...

04 Sep 2005

Having left jobs in Sydney for 12 months to travel we soon found ourselves in Toronto, working. So after 4 months we decided to chuck our jobs in again and...