Faroe Islands Running Festival
11 Oct 2019

On the home stretch, I was pretty stoked. The first trail marathon in many years. The Faroe Islands had to equal, if not surpass, the others in terms of scenery....

Becoming a Parkrun Tourist
19 Jun 2019

Keeping fit while travelling can be a challenge. Unfamiliar terrain, finding time between sight-seeing activities and many other excuses are readily available while on the road. Travel by its very...

trail running
Ultra-Marathon Trail Run Race Day Deconstructed
07 Nov 2018

Ultra-marathon trail running. What is it like to run 100km or further? There is a growing movement of people looking to push their body past the humble road marathon. Choosing...

Stones Patisserie Berrima - Award-winning Head to Tail Pie
Stones Patisserie Berrima
25 Jun 2018

We began this pie trail run at the 2017 PieTime winner, Southern Rise Bakery in Moss Vale. It was fitting then that we finished it with the newly crowned 2018 PieTime champions,...

Two Skinny Cooks Berrima
Two Skinny Cooks Berrima
25 Jun 2018

Berrima is a hot spot for pies in the Southern Highlands. Four bakeries in Berrima make it to the official trail yet there are more bakeries in Berrima to choose...

Shaggy Cow Mittagong - Pie
The Shaggy Cow Mittagong
25 Jun 2018

The Shaggy Cow Mittagong is a popular lunchtime venue on the turn-off to Bowral. It has quite a gourmet and seasonal menu with all food made fresh on-site. Despite not...

mcvitty grove cafe pie
McVitty Grove Cafe
25 Jun 2018

McVitty Grove Cafe is on the remote and winding Wombeyan Caves Road about 7km from Mittagong. Rolling hills quickly take over the scenery and you instantly ease into a relaxed frame...

The Scottish Arms Bowral
The Scottish Arms Bowral
23 Jun 2018

Persistent rain on this pie run made it feel like I was in the Scottish Highlands rather than the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Which of course was a...

southern pies kangaroo valley bridge
Southern Pies Kangaroo Valley
21 Jun 2018

I admit I was a bit delirious when I arrived at Southern Pies in the township of Kangaroo Valley. After running a marathon punctuated with 3 stops at various pie shops...

barrengarry general store worlds best pies
Barrengarry General Store
20 Jun 2018

Pie lovers would know the Barrengarry General store. It has been displaying the bold claims of 'The World's Best Pies' on its roadside sign just outside Kangaroo Valley for many years....

fitzroy falls general store
Fitzroy Falls General Store
18 Jun 2018

The newly crowned 'Best vegetable pie in NSW & ACT' the Fitzroy Falls General Store is an unassuming dark horse on the Southern Highlands Pie Trail. With no listing on...

mount ashby estate
Mount Ashby Estate
18 Jun 2018

There is no telling where running around the Southern Highlands can take you. La Palette Cafe, located in Mount Ashby Estate just outside Moss Vale was like being whisked away into a...

Exeter General Store
13 Jun 2018

I had actually already passed by Exeter General Store some days ago by surprise whilst heading out to Heatherbreas Pies at Sutton Forest. I thought this the first time and...

farm club australia werai
Farm Club Australia, Werai
13 Jun 2018

Farm Club Australia is a working farm, accommodation, cafe, nursery and soon to be outdoorsy mecca. It is only 10km off the Hume Highway from Sutton Forest yet it is in...

Pie Time
The Mill Cafe Bowral
13 Jun 2018

The Mill Cafe Bowral is a large warehouse whose bohemian style interior wouldn't be out of place along a street in Sydney suburbs like Surry Hills, Darlinghurst or Newtown. It's eclectic...

stones patisserie bowral
Stones Patisserie Bowral
11 Jun 2018

A contrast to recent runs, this was only a 2.5km jog through the streets of Bowral to Stones Patisserie just off Bong Bong St. A few extra runners joined in the...

robertson pie shop
Robertson Pie Shop
10 Jun 2018

Let's say up front, Robertson Pie Shop is an institution. A family run business for the last 37 years, all family and friends were on deck when we visited in...

hilltop village bakery oven
Hilltop Village Bakery
08 Jun 2018

Hilltop Village Bakery is a community-minded bakery in this remote outpost of the Southern Highlands. A scenic run was had through equally remote Colo Vale with farmlands making up much...

whatman pie bradman museum
Stumps Cafe in the Bradman Museum, Bowral
04 Jun 2018

Australia's favourite son, Donald Bradman 'The Don' perfected his cricketing talents here in the Southern Highlands before taking his unmatched skills to the world. Apart from his batting records, many...

Heatherbraes Pies
Heatherbrae’s Pies, Sutton Forest
03 Jun 2018

It was a long 26km out to Heatherbrae's Pies Sutton Forest. Winding country roads were well suited to a Sunday motorcycle ride. Alas, I'd have to proceed on two feet!...

Southern Highlands Pie Trail Run
The Great Southern Highlands Pie Trail Run
01 Jun 2018

There are few items you could list that immediately say 'Australia' better than the humble meat pie. That staple satisfying snack to grab on the run or road trip. A...

burrawang general store
Burrawang General Store
30 May 2018

This was the first of the 'long runs' for the Pie trail run. It was exactly 20km to run out to Burrawang. The Burrawang General Store has been in existence...

running a marathon race day
Running a Marathon – Race Day Deconstructed
19 Apr 2018

Running a marathon is an ultimate goal for many runners whether you are an elite runner or a weekend warrior. You've followed a semi-rigid training and nutrition plan, including the Sunday...

Running Tour Rome
Running Tour of Rome
03 Aug 2017

Rome in mid summer. Think heat. Think crowds. Think stress. Whether travelling solo or in a tour, all roads (and tourists) lead to Rome, particularly it's historic attractions. There is...

Ushuaia, Argentina
28 Jan 2014

Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina. This is the jumping off point for most trips to Antarctica and also known as 'Fin Del Mundo' meaning 'End of the world'. It truly...

Mt Whitney
Badwater Marathon, Death Valley
14 Jul 2013

I spotted a lone figure in the distance. This shimmering haze on the horizon slowly materialised into a white cloth-clad figure shuffling alone in the vacant landscape. Slowing to a...

south point hike wilsons promontory
Wilson’s Promontory Trail Run
02 Feb 2013

Running to the southernmost point on the Australian mainland seemed like a good incentive. The Wilson's Promontory National Park also contributed great scenery, including huge granite mountains, open forests, and...