faroe islands flag

A remote archipelago in the north atlantic. Stunning scenery, lovely locals and it pays to get out into the amazing wilderness.

Saksun Bay

With 18 islands, endless bays and beaches each with it’s own unique outlook. Helicopter travel in these parts is how locals get around!

Go swimming through the world’s largest sea cave. A swim in the eerie Klæmintsgjógv is a rare activity in this remote part of the world.

The Faroe Islands are an autonomous territory of Denmark (:much like Greenland) yet the local Faroese people are fiercely independant.

Travelling in the Faroe Islands

Posted by Warren | 11 Oct 2019
Faroe Islands Running Festival

On the home stretch, I was pretty stoked. The first trail marathon in many years. The Faroe Islands had to equal, if not surpass, the others in terms of scenery....