Top 5 signs you are a Travel Addict

Travel Addict

The bite from the travel bug is an unforgiving one. The effects of which may go unnoticed for some time. You may begin to be aware that friends and family look at you disbelieving when you yet again tell them you are off on another overseas adventure. Your employer may simply shake their head when you submit yet another leave request. And, your pets look longingly at you when they see your bag packed once again on the doorstep.

Diagnosis can be difficult, so we’ve compiled some symptoms to determine if you’ve been bitten and where to seek help. Here are the Sling Adventures Top 5 Signs you are a Travel Addict.

You know your passport details off by heart

When filling in your flight booking or customs declaration you find you no longer need to retrieve your passport. You know the number, expiry date and place of issue off the top of your head. In more serious cases you probably have begun to also carry a pen with you for this exact purpose so you don’t get held up in custom queues.

Your shelf of guidebooks has moved to a second row

It started with one guidebook at the airport before you left. Then you maybe bought another book a few weeks before leaving your next trip. Now as soon as a thought pops into your head like ‘Hey, why don’t we go to Cambodia?’ you are immediately online and purchasing a Lonely Planet guide.

If you have a well thumbed, dirty and grimy collection of guidebooks it may indicate a more serious condition as you have actually used these in their relevant destination. If they are pristine or never read you can rest assured you’re still an armchair traveller which is not as life-threatening.

You only buy toiletries in 100ml or less

A visit to the pharmacy has you scouring the shelves for your toothpaste, deodorant, sun cream and other toiletry items in bottles and tubes that are less than 100ML. This is an ingrained behaviour brought on by your travel addiction through a need to get these items through airport security screening.

You book a new trip within a week of returning home

Picture it, you are just back from an awesome trip to Thailand. Friends, family and work colleagues are asking how the trip went.

Your mind is elsewhere. You’re busily calculating your available leave days, your bank balance and considering a host of recommendations you’ve received while away on where to travel next. Your recently completed trip is but a distant memory and you are needing to curb your anxiety levels by being able to have another itinerary to stitch together.

You can recite the in-flight safety instructions

You may struggle to remember the name of that new guy in finance at work. You may forget the name of your friends newborn baby. But, sitting in seat 35G and the in-flight safety demonstration comes on, you recite every single word before it’s spoken.

You know that the nearest exit may be behind you, that you should fit your oxygen mask before helping others and your seat back should be upright, tray table stowed and window shade open during take-off and landing.

In more serious cases you find yourself correcting the air stewards when they fail to fully demonstrate the operation of the whistle and light for attracting attention on the life vest, located under your seat.

How do I cure my travel addiction?

Unfortunately, there is no known cure. But fear not. Help is at hand. Become a Sling Adventurer and you will receive regular advice and join a support group of like-minded people who can help you easily justify your addiction to travel!

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