Travel Quiz Answers – November

We had a great response to our first travel quiz designed to test your travel knowledge and awareness of the world. Some mentioned it was a bit tough for their liking! We’ll take that as a compliment! For those keen to know the answers to the quiz all answers are now revealed.

Q1. What is the most northern, permanently inhabited town in the world?

  • Correct answer rate: 17%
  • Correct answer: Alert, Canada. While Svalbard has its own TV series and Daneborg, Greenland (the most popular answer) is, in fact, more north (and occasionally has a few scientists spend the winter) Alert is permanently inhabited, located on the northern tip of Ellesmere Island.

Q2. What country has the most number of active volcanoes?

  • Correct answer rate: 46%
  • Correct answer: Indonesia. While the USA has the most volcanoes, Indonesia has the most volcanoes still classified as active.

Q3. According to Lonely Planet, which country was the ‘Best Place to visit in 2018’?

  • Correct answer rate: 35%
  • Correct answer: Chile. A great place to visit with such diversity from lakes, mountains, beaches, deserts and vibrant cities.

Q4. According to the United Nations, how many countries are in the world today?

  • Correct answer rate: 33%
  • Correct answer: 195.

Q5. The Uda Walawe National Park is in which country?

  • Correct answer rate: 72%
  • Correct answer: Sri Lanka. Popular response. More elephants up close than you will ever see!

Q6. What is the largest (non-island) town in the world not reachable by road?

  • Correct answer rate: 33%
  • Correct answer: Iquitos, Peru. Firmly planted in the middle of the Amazon jungle, the bustling city is only accessible by air or by the Amazon river.


Q7. Catherine the Great commissioned The Bronze Horseman in St Petersburg, Russia to recognise which leader?

  • Correct answer rate: 39%
  • Correct answer: Peter 1. Catherine the Great is suspected of plotting the assassination of her husband Peter III and the statue built to honour Peter 1 designed to endear her to the people.

The ronze Horseman Saint Petersburg

Q8. The Book ‘Born to Run’ is based on which Canyon in Northern Mexico?

  • Correct answer rate: 66%
  • Correct answer: Copper Canyon. Home the Tarahumara tribe with a movie supposedly due out soon.

Q9. In what year did the Tour de France last visit Andorra?

  • Correct answer rate: 48%
  • Correct answer: 2016. 

Peloton of Tour de France ascending Andorra Arcalis

Q10. How fast does the rollercoaster at Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World go?

  • Correct answer rate: 31%
  • Correct answer: 240kph. Accelerating from a standing start to top speed in 4.9 seconds. Hold on to your eyeballs!

formula rossa ferrari world

Stay tuned for another quiz in December!

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