A Zip-liners Guide to the World

Featuring the World's Best Zip-line Destinations

At Sling Adventures there’s nothing we love more in life than a zip-line. We’ve imagined cities where zip-lines were the only way to travel, hikes where zip-lines form a necessary part of the trail and even wondered if cross country travel could be possible on disused powerlines once we are all running on solar! There is nothing else that feels as free and as thrilling, while connecting with nature, than the humble zip-line.

Creating a list of the best zip-line adventures was always going need some outside assistance. So I enlisted the help of the world’s travel bloggers and they didn’t disappoint! Here you can explore 38 of the world’s most audacious zip-lines from over 23 countries. Hurry down the himalayans, zoom past volcanos and skim over historic forts and alligator-infested lakes. You can soar over snow-covered peaks, go over (and under) waterfalls, zip-line indoors, into caves and even along the streets of Vegas!

So tighten your harness and enjoy this wild ride through the crazy and extreme world of zip-lines.

Record Breaking Zip-lines




Author’s Pick:

North American Zip-lines

Superfly Ziplines, Whistler, Canada

superfly ziplines whistler canada

Zip-line in the snow at Whistler, Canada!

Recommended by: Amy Dodd / Oceans to Alpines

Whistler is a popular ski destination located just north of Vancouver, Canada. This beautiful scenic mountain range is perfect for skiing, but also for zip-line.

Whistler is home to one of the few zip-lines that is open even with snow! To visit these zip-lines in the winter involves taking a snowmobile up to the first station. From there, zip-liners will travel over the snow-covered trees and canyons back to the base. The fact that this is available during the winter, snow covered months, is what makes this zip-line one of the unique ones in the world.

The overall experience is about two hours long, as you go over five different platforms. The quick trip is a great after ski event to do during a long ski vacation to Whistler. Additionally, the view of the mountains from the top is incredible! The price for a zip-line tour with Superfly Ziplines starts at $129 per person and the shop picks visitors up from the Whistler town centre.

Superfly Ziplines Facts

  • Website: superflyziplines.com
  • Number of Zip-lines: 4
  • Longest Zip-line: 1km
  • Maximum Height: 600m
  • Top speed: 100kph

New York Zip-line, New York

new york zip-line

Spectacular fall colours from the New York Zipline in the Catskills

Recommended by: Jen Ruiz / Jen on a Jet Plane

Want to ride the longest zip-line in North America? Head to Hunter Mountain in Upstate New York. With lines at over 600 feet (180m) high and 4.6 miles (7.4km) long, it’s a thrill ride for novice and expert adventurers alike. Only 2 hours from New York City, this makes the perfect day trip for anyone seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. Even better, the zip-line is open year-round and is one of the few places where you can do winter zip-lining. Go in the fall to catch the colors changing over the Catskill Mountains.

New York Zip-line Facts

  • Website: ziplinenewyork.com
  • Number of Zip-lines: 5 dual racing lines
  • Longest Zip-line 975m
  • Total length: 7.4km
  • Maximum Height: 180m

Barnacle Blast, Mall of America, Minnesota

barnacle blast big sky mall-minnesota

North America’s longest indoor zip-line in Minnesota.

Recommended by: Kylie / Between England and Iowa

The Barnacle Blast zip line claims to be North America’s longest indoor zip-line!  It’s located in Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America in Minnesota.  The zip-line is 405ft foot (123m) and 55ft (16m) high and soars between the theme park rides!  The zip line is technically made up of 2 zip-lines.  First starting at the main high ropes climbing course, and zipping towards a platform on the other side of the park and then returning back to the start on the second zip-line.  A one time pass costs $13.99 or can be bought as a package deal which includes the climbing course and spiral slides for $17.99.

Barnacle Blast Facts

  • Website: The Dutchman
  • Number of Zip-lines: 2
  • Claim to Fame: Longest indoor zip-line

Sonoma Canopy Tours, California


Getting plenty of height amongst the world’s tallest Redwood trees in Sonoma

Recommended by: Sierra / Free to Travel Mama

Sonoma Canopy Tours offer the unique experience of zip-lining through the gorgeous California Coastal Redwoods of Sonoma County, California, USA. The beauty of the nature setting for this adrenaline rushing activity will take your breath away before you even begin. The majestic redwoods stand tall and offer magnificent views through the hills and valleys as you soar through them at up to 40 mph. Two unique courses offer long and fast zip-lines, a spiral staircase to climb up the trees, sky bridges, and rappelling opportunities. Night zip-lining tours are also available for an extra unique experience. Tours are 2.5 hours long and start at $99 per person.

Sonoma Canopy Tour Facts

Yosemite Zip Lines, Mariposa

yosemite zipline

Yosemite outdoor fun just got more fun.

Recommended by: Millie / MillieGoes

Located in Mariposa, one hour South of the Yosemite Valley, Yosemite Ziplines is the perfect place to get some adrenaline rushing before exploring the natural beauty that this national park has to offer. With one beginner practise line followed by six thrilling main lines to fly along, the full course will take approximately two hours to complete.

Located on a working ranch, you can enjoy taking in the awesome scenery as you fly through the course with your expert guides. For those who relish an extra challenge, line five not only provides an exhilarating ride through the trees but also the opportunity to toss a beanbag into a target in the way down. Hit your target and score a prize! An added bonus is zooming around in 4X4s between each zip line, giving you a chance to enjoy both sky & ground speeds during your adventure here.

Finish your experience by grabbing a delicious homemade lunch made by the family owners before you head off, and you’ll be feeling like a champ!

Yosemite Zip Line Facts

Fremont Street Zip Line, Las Vegas

fremont st zipline las vegas

Gamble responsibly (with your life) on the Fremont St zip-line.

Recommended by Kylie / Between England and Iowa

A unique thing to do in Las Vegas is to go zip lining above Fremont Street! I recommend going after 8pm as then you’ll be able to zip during the light show that gets projected on the roof above the street! Fremont Street currently has two zip lining options. The original zip line is 44ft above the street and is the length of 2 blocks, you are also in a seated position ($25). The newest one is 114ft high and travels 5 blocks, for this zip line you are laying on your front and go down headfirst ($45)!  The zip lines are open 7 days a week from 1pm until 1am. Once you have finished zip lining you can enjoy the free shows and entertainment along Fremont Street!

Fremont Zip-line Facts

  • Website: vegasexperience.com
  • Number of Zip-lines: 2
  • Claim to Fame: Zip-line along Fremont St Las Vegas!

Hidden River Cave, Kentucky

hidden river cave zip-line

Zip-line into the mouth of this Kentucky Cave.

Recommended by: Katie-Beth Gamblin / Her Life in Ruins

Hidden River Cave is a hidden gem in the heart of the Bluegrass State. The cave and museum are right off of I-65, which make it a convenient, fun stop on any road trip. Not only can you explore the vast caverns of the river cave, you can zip-line over the sink around the mouth of the cave. Hidden River Cave’s zip line is the highest in the region and flies visitors over 70 feet at 30 MPH. After you’ve gotten your adrenaline pumping from the zip-line, rappel 75 feet down past layers of limestone and into the mouth of the Hidden River Cave itself. Maybe even venture into the cave and walk across the world’s longest underground suspension bridge while you’re at it! Zip-lining is $22, rappelling is $27, and cave tours start at $22 for adults. Hidden River Cave is a must for anyone looking for adventure at a unique cave setting.

Hidden River Cave Facts

The Gorge Zip Line, North Carolina

the gorge zip-line north carolina

Hangin’ at the Gorge.

Recommended by: Todd / TREKKN.co

When we visited Asheville, North Carolina and nearby Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the Spring, zip-lining was not the first thing I was thinking about. No, I had castles and wineries and wildlife sightings on my mind.

But just down the interstate from Asheville, in the small town of Saluda, we discovered a zip-lining experience like we never expected and we couldn’t pass it up. With 11 zip-lines spanning more than 1.25 miles and 1,100 vertical feet of drop, The Gorge Zip Line is America’s steepest and fastest zip-lining canopy tour.

We knew going in that this was going to be a serious rush and a fantastic memory all rolled into one, and the top-notch staff at The Gorge ensured that it was all of that and more. We were treated like family and would return in a heartbeat for another thrilling ride!

The Gorge Zip-Line Facts

Historic Banning Mills Zip-line, Georgia

banning mills zip-line georgia

One of the world’s largest zip-line parks in historic Banning Mills, Georgia.

Recommended by: Liz Smith / Peanuts or Pretzels

A little over an hour southwest of Atlanta is a World Record-holding zip-line resort that shockingly few people know about. Among their many Guinness World Records, they were designated the longest zip-lining and canopy tour in the world; it would take you more than 12 hours to do all the zip lines at Banning Mills!

Nestled along the Snake Creek gorge surrounded by wilderness, Banning Mills is a full resort with a variety of accommodations onsite (we stayed in a treehouse!). They also have a number of activities & amenities such as horseback riding, kayaking, climbing, hiking, onsite restaurants, and a spa.

However, the adrenaline-pumping zip lines are the star of the show here. At more than 3400 feet long, the Flight of the Falcon has riders strapped-in on their stomach head-first so it feels like they are flying through the trees like Superman! If that isn’t extreme enough for you, they also have a giant freefall platform which you can jump off and fall to the ground! I must admit, the free fall was terrifying & probably the biggest adrenaline rush of my life!

Banning Mills Zip Line Facts

Gatorland, Orlando, Florida

gatorland zip-line orlando florida

Keep your toes up at Gatorland!

Recommended by: Sara / Our Kind of Crazy

Zip-lining is always an awesome time. You get the adrenaline going, the heart pumping, and the wind breezing through your face. But if you want an even more exciting adventure, you’ll want to check out the zip lines at Gatorland in Orlando, Florida. The “Screaming’ Gator Zip Lines” includes 5 zip-lines from 65 feet (20m) high. However, the most unique experience is actually what you are zip-lining over… crocs and alligators! You’ll even fly over an Alligator breeding marsh that has over 100 gators down below. If that’s not an awesome adrenaline pumping experience, we don’t know what is.

Gatorland Zip-line Facts

Kapalua Ziplines, Maui, Hawaii


Hang loose on the Maui zip-line while taking in these views.

Recommended by: Emily Hines / Ems on the Road

Kapalua Ziplines are located on the west side of Maui at the Kapalua Resort. They boast the longest and fastest lines in Maui and the largest dual zip course with the 7 Line zip adventure offering over 9,000 feet (2.8km) of zipping through the air.

The Kapalua Zips are really unique because the lines are from ridge to ridge as opposed to most zip line tours which are from tree to tree in the canopy. This is awesome because you get some incredible views of Maui that you’d never see otherwise. Plus you can zip alongside your friends making for some fun photo ops.

If you’re a nature nerd, enjoy the cultural and ecological interpretation while you’re hiking from tower to tower. Keep your eyes peeled for wild orchids and the gorgeous Ohia Lehua flowering tree throughout your West Maui zip line adventure.

Kapaulua Zipline Facts

Zip Isle, The Big Island, Hawaii

zip isle big island hawaii

Get big air on the Big Island zip-line in Hawaii.

Recommended by: Amber Hill / Hill Tribe Travels

Zip ling on The Big Island was high on my bucket list of things to do with my family. Unfortunately, our youngest was 3 at the time and all but one company had a minimum age of 4+. Thank goodness I came across Zip Isle Zipline Adventures at Botanical World Adventures, approximately 20 minutes from Hilo on the Hamakua Coast of The Big Island, Hawaii. We had an awesome experience zipping through lush, tropical canopies over winding streams and waterfalls.

This adventure boasts 8 zip lines flying through the forest canopy including two side by side racers with one flying high over the Kamae’e Waterfall! The eight line adventure starts small, flying through the jungle, and as you move through the zip lines they get longer, faster and higher.

About three-quarters of the way through our ziplines, we tackled the daring suspension bridge through the jungle and high over the river. This wobbling bridge had my heart racing more than the zip lining (where I felt 100% safe and secure).

The final double zipline races nearly half a mile while zipping over Kamae’e Falls. This was epic. We were so high up and it felt like we were literally flying forever. The zip line adventure is open 365 days of the year with bookings taken online. There are other activities on offer including a maze, garden and Segway tour.

Zip Isle Facts

  • Website: zipisle.com
  • Number of Zip-lines: 8
  • Longest Zip-line: 800m

Toro Verde Zipline, Puerto Rico


Going 152kph on a zip-line? It will be fun they said…

Toro Verde zip-lines in Puerto Rico is unique. First there is the standard 8 line zip-line circuit for fun. Second there is La Bestia (The Beast) which is 1.5km long and reaches 100kph to get the adrenaline pumping. Lastly, there is The Monster, the longest zip-line in the Americas spanning 2.5km and reaching a whopping 152 kph! Monster riders get themselves added to the Toro Verde website to acknowledge their achievement.

For La Bestia and The Monster the harness has you attached in a superman position for aerodynamics and goggle to protect your eyes from any debris you may encounter along the way. Once the longest zip-line in the world, Toro Verde still holds the title for the longest zip-line although it is now located at their new United Arab Emirates location.

Toro Verde Facts

  • Website: toroverdepr.com
  • Number of Zip-lines: 10
  • Total distance: 4.9km
  • Longest Zip-line: 2.5km
  • Top speed: 152kph

Central American Zip-lines

Las Terrazas Zip-line, Cuba


Cuba Libre!

Recommended by: Talek Nantes / Travels With Talek

Las Terrazas is a picturesque town about one and a half hours west of Havana on Cubas’s northern coast. Among the many attractions and activities available in Las Terrazas is Cuba’s longest zip-line.

There is usually a bit of a line to get on but once you do, it is certainly a thrilling ride. After you suit up, pay your 35 CUC per person (about $US35) and get instructions, you’re on your way. The lines zooms over several crystalline lakes, lush forests and one artist colony.

Once you are back on solid earth you can have a coffee or snack at any of Las Terrazas’s snack bars.

Las Terrazas Facts

  • Website: lasterrazas.cu
  • Number of Zip-lines: 6
  • Total distance: 1.6km
  • Longest Zip-line: 300m

Xplor Park, Cancun, Mexico

xplor zip-line cancun

Xplor more zip-lines on the Yutacan peninsula.

Slightly away from the all-inclusive hotel strip, Xplor Park holds a number of attractions, the most impressive of which is the 14 stage zip-line course. The zip-lines run from towers which stand above the surrounding bush and connect seamlessly with the next zip-line. 2 circuits of 7 zip-lines each take 45 minutes to run through. One zip-line finishes through a waterfall and into a pool. And, if you haven’t had enough, you can do it all again!

Xplor also has hammocks on zip-line that end in the water along with an underground river raft, an amphibious vehicle circuit and the best all-you-can-eat buffet lunch you will ever experience. It’s touted as the world’s most popular zip-line yet the lines weren’t that long during our experience.

Xplor Park Facts

  • Website: xplor.travel
  • Number of Zip-lines: 14
  • Total distance: 3.8km
  • Longest Zip-line: 500m

Sky Safari Tours, St. Kitts

sky safari zip-line st kitts

Getting high on life in St Kitts.

Recommended by: Suzanne Jones / Travelbunny

Some of the longest zip-lines in the Caribbean are on the beautiful little island of St. Kitts. You can fly through the air on an adrenaline fuelled zip-line and get panoramic views over the island as you whizz through the air. With speeds of up to 80 km an hour the St Kitts zip-line is guaranteed to take your breath away. There are five zip-lines at Sky Safari Tours with the highest at 250 ft which will see you getting a monkey’s view of the rainforest canopy as you fly over. The final zip-line of the five is a dual line which gives an added buzz of a race and sees you getting competitive as you zip alongside the person next to you. The full tour takes 1.5 hours and is one of the most adrenaline fuelled things to do in St Kitts.

Sky Safari Facts

Canyon Express, Antigua, Guatemala


Cafe con zip-line anyone?

Recommended by: James Ian / Travel Collecting

The incredible scenery of Guatemala dominates the Canyon Express zip-line near Antigua. The experience starts with a drive in the back of an open truck winding up steep dirt roads through the Finca Filadelfia coffee plantation. Seeing workers pick the beans off coffee bushes is fascinating. Eventually you arrive at the zip line. There are only two lines, but they are spectacular. They stretch across a deep ravine between San Felipe de Jesús and Jocotenango. The zips are each about 520 meters/ 1,700 feet long and are around 150 meters/ 500 feet above the canyon below. In the background as you glide across the ravine? One of the towering perfectly conical volcanoes that dominate the Guatemalan skyline. Stunning!  The Canyon Express zip-line costs US$50.

Canyon Express Facts

Titi Canopy Tour, Costa Rica

titi canopy tour costa rica

Family fun at Titi Canopy Tour

Recommended by: Thais Saito / World Trip Diaries

Costa Rica is famous for its zip lines, and no wonder, there are many companies, many places, many different aspects to each tour. We had our tour with Titi Canopy, in the forest of Manuel Antonio.

One problem we had was that my partner is a big fella, weighing around 200 lbs, and my youngest kid was just 5, so this company was one of the only ones that really did cater for our family.

While we walked from one platform to the other, we were lucky to see many animals, like quincayu, different monkeys, poisonous frogs, strange spiders, and many, many birds.

It was one amazing experience, with a little rappel and a Tarzan swing at the end, and included a lovely lunch (we did the mid-day tour). Prices start from $80 per person and you can buy their photos if you want, at the end of the tour.

Titi Canopy Tour Facts

Blue River Resort Zip-line, Costa Rica

blue river resort

Rigging up to take on Blue River Resort zip-line.

Recommended by: Dan Bagby / Honeymoon Always

For a unique zip-lining experience through thick rainforest, go to the Blue River Resort in Costa Rica.  The zip line is located on the north side of Rincon de la Vieja, Guanacaste and costs $65 per adult or $135 including transportation from one of the nearby beaches.

What makes this zip line unique is the nature you pass by as you go.  Without any warning you find yourself going over a waterfall or over a clearing with horses wandering underneath you. There are 9 zip lines that together go for four kilometres and a Tarzan swing to try as well.

Blue River Resort Facts

Miss Sky Canopy Tour, Costa Rica

miss sky canopy tour costa rica

11km will literally zip by on the Miss Sky Canopy Tour

Recommended by: Kristen Czudak / Yonderlust Ramblings

The absolute best way to witness the beauty of Costa Rica’s natural side is by flying through the canopies at Miss Sky Canopy Tour in Nosara, Costa Rica. With eleven total kilometres of zip-lines, the longest being just over 750 meters long, this tour boasts the longest zip-line experience in the world.

From this unique vantage point, zip-liners will be able to glide over lush jungle mountains, rugged river ravines, and the borders of the Pacific coastline. This tour is comprised of twenty-one different lines, with the highlight being a glide over the Nosara River. This experience is perfect for families, couples, nature lovers, and anyone who thrives on adrenaline and adventure. Prices are $75 dollars for adults thirteen and older, and $50 for children under thirteen.

Miss Sky Canopy Tour Facts

Sky Trek Arenal, Costa Rica

sky trek zip-line arenal

Volcano vistas from Sky Trek Arenal

Recommended by: Jess / I’m Jess Travelling

Recently I was able to cross off a bucket list experience when I zip-lined across a rain-forest canopy with Sky Trek in Arenal, Costa Rica.

There are a total of 7 cables that you zip-line down with the tallest cable being 200 metres tall and the fastest cable speeds up to 70 kilometres per hour! These zip-lines give panoramic views of Arenal volcano, the rainforest canopy below, and even takes you in between the trees and across canyons as you descend from one mountain to the next.

My favorite aspect of this tour was the safety of the lines as you never had to break yourself with your hands and you weren’t able to accidentally get turned around. You simply had to hold on, look forward and spread your legs at the end so you wouldn’t bounce into the cable when you stopped. This ease of breaking and stunning views made this zip-lining experience one I’ll never forget.

Sky Trek Arenal Facts

Diamente Eco Adventures, Costa Rica

diamente zip-line costa rica

Superman eat your heart out!

Recommended by: Rina / L.A. Family Travel

The longest zip-line in Central America is in Costa Rica’s Diamante Eco Adventure Park in the Guanacaste province and it comes with an ocean view! Spanning almost a mile, you can race your friends, side-by-side, on a line that reaches heights up to 800 feet! Fly over an expansive green-top jungle, hurling toward sapphire waters. Afterwards, you can ride the other four course and plummet to the earth on a quick jump.

The park also hosts an animal sanctuary, cultural experiences and a restaurant perched above the jungle you had flown over. There are three pass options. The Discovery Pass for $38 includes a visit to the sanctuary with access to animal feedings and presentation by the caretakers. The Aerial Pass gives visitors access to all the zip-lines and costs $68. You can do it all with the Adventure Pass for $98. The 500 acres property also offers beach activities, ATVs and an ancient coffee and chocolate presentation in a reconstructed farmer’s cabin.

Diamente Eco Tour Facts

South American Zip-lines

Mindo Zip-lines, Ecuador

mindo zip-line ecuador

Tandem fun in Ecuador

Recommended by: John Widmer / Roaming Around the World

The canopy tour through the Mindo Cloud Forest in Ecuador simply must be included on a list of the World’s Best Zip-lines! The lush and thick growth of the Mindo Cloud Forest is known worldwide for its biodiversity, particularly when it comes to the abundance of bird species in the area. Yet those tall looming trees also prove fantastic for a zip-lining course!

The area where Mindo’s zip-lines are located is particularly known for its toucans. So it’s not unusual to be soaring on a zip-line with toucans flying overhead! The zip-line course further delves into nature, passing by rare colorful orchids along the way.

Another notable aspect about zip-lining in Mindo is the value. Never have we seen such a vast zip-lining course for such a great price. The 3,640-meter long course (nearly 12,000 feet) takes more than an hour to complete all ten zip-lines, yet only costs $20 USD. Despite the excellent value, neither safety or fun are compromised.

Mindo Canopy Tour Facts

  • Website: mindoziplines.com
  • Number of Zip-lines: 10
  • Longest Zip-line: 500m
  • Total Distance: 3.6km

Cola de Mono, Peru

Cola de Mono Zip line Peru

Add a Zip-line experience to your Machu Picchu visit.

Recommended by: Ariana Svenson / World of Travel With Kids

If you think that you have been zip-lining, then the Cola de Mono in the Machu Picchu region of Peru takes zip lines to a whole new level. This zipline is not set up in the forest canopy – but across some very rugged canyon terrain and so you are literally jumping out into nothing.

As a person who doesn’t love heights, the Cola de Mono Zipline was a real challenge for me! We did this zipline on the final day of the Salkantay trek, as it is located on it’s route and not far from the famous lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu. Definitely not for the faint hearted, the Cola de Mono zipline added a whole lot of adrenalin to our Machu Picchu trip! We also saw people camping on site and there are also tree house bungalows. The price is $50 per person.

Cola de Mono Facts

Canopy Condor’s Flight, Argentina


Soar like a Condor 500m above the ground near Salta, Argentina

Recommended by: Claudia Tavani / My Adventures Across The World

One of the most thrilling things to do in Argentina is zip-lining. The zip-lines over Rio Juramento, at a two hours drive from Salta, in northern Argentina, have to be some of the most fun, adrenaline filled ones in the world. A web of 10 zip-lines takes you around a canyon, with flights of up to 500 meters over the river, at an elevation of 200 meters above ground. It’s incredibly fast, and definitely not for the faint of heart.

The zip-line can be combined with other activities such as rafting and hiking, for a full day of fun and nature and which includes an incredible asado – the typical Argentinian mixed grill.

The full experience – rafting + asado + zip lining – costs $2600 ARS ($60 USD). It’s not the cheapest zip-line experience in the world, but it’s worth every cent.

Canopy Condor’s Flight Facts

  • Website: saltarafting.com
  • Number of Zip-lines: 10
  • Top speed: 30kph
  • Longest Zip-line: 500m

European Zip-lines

Fantasticable Zip-line, France

fantasticable zip-line france

Soar over the Alps at the Fantasicable

Recommended by Heidi & Alan / Wagoners Abroad

Fly on your belly over the French Alps in the summer! The Fantasticable is one of the most adventurous zip-lines to be found. You are up high in the mountains on the border between France and Switzerland, in Châtel France. Just take the chair lifts up to get to the launching point. You are weighed, measured and loaded up with gear. They strap you in laying down like superman, over 800 feet high in the air. Then off you go to soar through 2 traverses at 60mph (100kph), each being longer than 4000 feet (1.2km), as you bullet down the mountain. When complete, it’s back up on a couple of chair lifts. You can fly solo or tandem, so bring a friend.

Fantasticable Zip-line Facts

Zip-Line Omis, Croatia

Ziplines omis croatia

Best fun you can have in the Balkans

Recommended by Krix Enikő / Travel Hacker Girl

One of the best things to do in Omis, Croatia is to go zip lining. You will be transported by bus to the starting point from Omis town centre and then after a short hike, you will begin your zip lining adventure. The first zip wire is the longest and most fun with 700 m. However, all 8 wires, offer fantastic views to the Cetina Canyon below you! Bring plenty of water with you, especially in the hot summer months. Wear closed shoes for this trip, flip flops are not suitable! The whole experience takes around 3 hours and costs 400 kuna (~USD 60).

Zip-line Omis Facts

Zip World, Wales

zip world wales

Locked in for the fastest zip-line in the world!

Recommended by Jennifer / World on a Whim

Are you ready to ride the fastest zip-line in the world? With speeds over 100 mph (160 kph), the Velocity 2 zip-line at Zip World in North Wales is the place to do just that. Not only is the Velocity 2 the world’s fastest, but the zip-line is also currently the longest in Europe. Prepare to fly ‘superman style’ over Penrhyn Quarry, a bright blue lake, which is surrounded by the Snowdon mountain range. Yes, these are the mountains where the famed explorer, Edmund Hillary, trained to eventually become the first person to climb the summit of Mount Everest. While that may be taking adventure to a whole other level, you can show off your own fearlessness in that very same region, a place that is exquisitely scenic.

The zip-line adventure at Zip World consists of two zips, little and big zipper, as well as an off-road vehicle to get between the two lines. The experience takes about two hours total. Costs vary depending on the day of the week but are somewhere between 65 and 89 British pounds.

ZipWorld Facts

  • Website: zipworld.co.uk
  • Number of Zip-lines: 2
  • Top speed: 160 kph
  • Longest Zip-line: 1.5km

Yerevan Zip-line, Armenia

yerevan zip-line armenia

Under the bridge of Yerevan gorge.

Recommended by Megan / Absolute Armenia

The Yerevan Zipline is the longest zip line in the Caucasus region and is must-do for adventurers visiting Armenia’s capital city. The zip line begins in the middle of Arabkir Public Park and is about 87 meters high.It goes two directions and will even take you underneath Yerevan’s renowned Davidashen Bridge. One of the best things about the Yerevan zipline is that it guides you across Hrazdan Gorge, a large gorge that is in the heart of Yerevan and is one of the most unique natural spots in a capital city anywhere in the world. The Hrazdan River runs through the gorge and you can also find many green spaces, an old Soviet sports stadium, an abandoned children’s railway, and much more. The zip line is a great reason to venture to this area of Yerevan.

Yerevan Zip-line Facts

Middle-Eastern Zip-lines

Toroverde Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Toro Verde Ras Al Khaimah UAE

Breaking all the records Ras al Khaimah is for the serious zip-liner!

Toroverde Ras al Khaimah is in the Jebel Jais mountains which contains the highest peak of the entire United Arab Emirates. The Jebel Jais Flight hold’s the officially certified Guinness World Record as currently the the world’s longest zip-line measuring a whopping 2.83 km long. It travels at an impressive 150 km per hour making it the second fastest zip-line second only to ZipWorld in Wales.

As part of the The Jebel Jais adventure you can tackle the Via Ferrata a 1 km protected climbing route secured with a steel cable fixed to the rock. It combines 3 thrilling zip-lines (50-60 and 300 meters) as part of the route while enjoying the spectacular views from inside the mountain. The zip-line operates from Wednesday to Sunday and bookings are essential.

Toroverde Ras Al Khaimah Facts

  • Website: toroverdeuae.com
  • Number of Zip-lines: 1
  • Longest Zip-line: 2.83km
  • Top speed: 150kph

African Zip-lines

Victoria Falls Zip-line, Zambia

victoria falls zipline zambia

Who needs a bridge when you have zip-lines!?

Recommended by: Niina Lehikoinen / Bizarre Globe Hopper

Victoria Falls Zip-line whisks you from one country to another, across the raging rapids of Zambezi River and its famous crocodiles. It spans 300 meters across Zambezi Gorge, 125 meters over the river.

Still not convinced? As you glide from Zambia to Zimbabwe, you can admire Victoria Falls Bridge at its whole length. The zip-line lands on Zimbabwe’s side, just beside the historic bridge. Getting back to Zambia requires crossing the Victoria Falls bridge. You don’t need a visa, but don’t forget your passport!

Combine the zip-line to Victoria Falls Bungee and Gorge Swing for the ultimate thrill! Cost-effective package includes all three hair-raising activities ($205 per person). Solo zip-line costs $45 and tandem version $65.

Victoria Falls Zip-line Facts

Magoebaskloof Canopy Tour, South Africa

magoebaskloof canopy tour south africa

Canyoning with zip-lines in Magoebaskloof

Recommended by: Alma van As / Roaming Fox

The canopy tour through the Groot Letaba River Gorge might not claim to be the highest, the longest or the fastest but the adrenalin is real.

The scenery is tranquil yet breath taking. You will glide between trees, skim past rocks and slide over waterfalls and rock pools. The platforms give you views over the river and three waterfalls that tumble down about 20 metres.

Take a moment to look for an assortment of wildflowers and orchids clutching onto the rock face of the nearby cliffs. Bird lovers might spot a Giant Kingfisher hovering around.

Be sure to take your camera (fully charged), but securely fastened while you zip-line. There is a maximum of 9 people, with 2 guides. You must be fit enough to hike 1 km up the gorge after the tour.

Magoebaskloof Canopy Tour Facts

  • Website: canopytour.co.za
  • Number of Zip-lines: 11
  • Longest Zip-line: 150m
  • Cost: R660 pp – ($50 USD approximately)

Asian & Oceanian Zip-lines

HighGround Adventures Zipflyer, Nepal

HighGround Adventures Zipflyer Pokhara

Break all the zip-line records in one go in Pokhara, Nepal!

Recommended by: Michelle Della Giovanna / Full Time Explorer

The Zipflyer in Pokhara, Nepal is known for being one of the tallest, longest, and steepest zip-lines in the world. It measures 1800m long, has a 2000-foot vertical drop, and you can reach speeds up to 120 KPH! While all of that is great, the best part of this zip-line is the location. On a clear morning, you can see the Himalayas including Dhaulagiri which is the 7th highest mountains in the world. This makes it one of the most unique zip-line experiences currently available.

The day starts with a jeep taking you from the nearby town of Pokhara to the starting platform. From here you get prepared to zip down into the river valley below. As the gate opens for the initial drop, it’s a heart pounding experience. But once you get going, it’s the most relaxing ride you could imagine. There’s nothing like flying over the perfect mountain view.

HighGround Adventures Zipflyer Facts

  • Website: highgroundnepal.com
  • Number of Zip-lines: 1
  • Total distance: 1.8km
  • Longest Zip-line: 1.8km
  • Top speed: 120kph!

Flying Fox Jodhpur, Jodhpur India


Abandon fort! It’s easy on a zip-line!

Recommended by: James Ian / Travel Collecting

One of the most unique zip lines in the world is in Jodhpur, India. Jodhpur is often called the Blue City because of the blue painted houses that are spread around Merbagarh Fort. The fort dominates the city, sitting atop a rocky outcrop and towering above everything. So, what better place to start a zip line than the fort. There are six lines flying across a large step well water reservoir into the desert hills beyond the city with incredible views of the blue city below as you swoop over water, gardens, desert hills and in and out of the crenellated towers of the fort itself. The zip line cost starts at 1,400 rupees.

Flying Fox Jodhpur Facts

  • Website: flyingfox.asia
  • Number of Zip-lines: 6
  • Total distance: 1.1km
  • Longest Zip-line: 300m

Jungle Flight, Chiang Mai


The longest zip-line in Thailand

Recommended by: Oli Diprose / Not Brits Abroad

There are a considerable number of zip-lining companies based in Chiang Mai and it can be difficult to choose which one to do. Jungle Flight boasts the ‘Longest Zip-line in Thailand’ at 1,000 metres long as well as having a Zip-line Rollercoaster. Booking their ‘Ultimate’ package includes both of these and costs 2,600 Baht per person.

The ‘Ultimate’ package includes 19 zip-lines, the zip-line rollercoaster and an abseil. The price also includes round trip transfers, lunch and a t-shirt. Depending on the size of the group, the course takes around 2-3 hours. There are two cheaper packages available, ‘Eco’ and ‘Extreme’, which offer slightly different courses but don’t include the zip-line rollercoaster. Aside from the actual zip-lining, all of the team at Jungle Flight are welcoming and you’re guaranteed to have a fun time!

Jungle Flight Facts

Gibbon Experience, Laos

Gibbon Experience

3 days of zip-lining? Only found on the Gibbon Experience.

The Gibbon Experience is a 3-day, 2-night journey into the remote jungles of northern Laos. Held within Nam Kan National Park, the Gibbon experience involves hiking into the jungle along a trail that is connected by zip-lines. The trail contains 7 of the world’s highest treehouses, reachable of course via zip-line. Once you reach the treehouse you can relax in the forest conopy or continue zip-lining along the many kilometres of trail and a full 15km of actual zip-lines, the longest being 600m.

Locally cooked food is ferried into the treehouses by zip-line (of course) and the noises of the jungle come alive in the evening. The whole project is designed to protect the habitat of the local Gibbon ape by providing tourism funds to the local village so that they do not have to clear more forest for farming to sustain a living. It is the ultimate zip-line experience.

Gibbon Experience Facts

Angkor Zip-Line, Cambodia

angkor wot zip line

Angkor Zip-lines, suitable for all ages.

Recommended by: Sally Lucas / Our 3 Kids vs the World

Angkor Zipline had to be one of our most memorable family experiences, formally known as Angkor Flight of the Gibbons, the company was set up by an Australian and exercises the highest level of safety standards. Angkor Zipline is located in the Angkor Park not far from Angkor Wat. When we went you were required to have a valid Angkor Park Pass however I have noticed on the website this is no longer required.

The only biplane located in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are 10 zip lines that cross the canopy of the Cambodian jungle connecting 21 platforms stations utilising 4 bridges of varying lengths. The zip-line course took as 2 hours to complete including the safety briefing at the beginning. Our kids were 11, 9 and 7 years at the time and managed the course without too much assistance. Provided you’re not afraid of heights, this activity is great for most age groups.

Angkor Zip-Line Facts

Mayon Volcano Zip-line, Philippines

manyon volcano zipline phillipines tourism

The most fun you can have near an active Volcano!

Recommended by: Roshni Patel / The Wanderlust Within

A popular activity at the lava wall of Mayon Volcano is to try the 300 meter zip-line. It can only be reached after doing an ATV tour around the base of the volcano followed by a short hike. You will traverse the lava wall that was created by the recent explosion in 2006.

The starting point of the zip-line provides a panoramic view of the surrounding area. The view is pretty epic, surrounded by palm trees that have been able to grow tall and strong from the nutrient rich volcanic soil and large volcanic boulders below. Covering only 320 meters the zip-line experience doesn’t last long but it is a fun way to make it back to the base camp and at only 300 pesos ($5USD), you get to say you’ve zip-lined off a volcano!

Manyon Volcano Facts

  • Website: mayonskydrive.com
  • Number of Zip-lines: 1 (added to an ATV tour)
  • Total distance: 320m
  • Longest Zip-line: 320m

Otway Fly Zipline, Victoria, Australia


Space age Cloud stations protect the trees from zip-liners at Otways National Park.

Recommended by: Samantha Firth / Travelling King

Otway Fly Zip-line is a 200km drive from Melbourne, located just off the famous Great Ocean Road. Here, you can immerse yourself in the Otway rainforest, it feels like you’ve stepped back into the Jurassic age. It is the first zip-line in Victoria.

During your 2.5 hour zip-line tour, the professional guides will not only make sure you have an experience you’ll never forget, they will also provide you with an insight into the forest’s history and information about the specialised tree platform ‘cloud station’.

The price of your zip-line ticket also includes the Otway Fly Treetop Walk, adding another hour to the experience, which is a walkway above the rainforest tree tops.

The cost of the zip-line is cheapest booked online 24 hours in advance ($114 Adult; $80.75 Child; Family (2 adults + 2 kids) $356.35).

Otway Fly Facts

  • Website: otwayfly.com
  • Number of Zip-lines: 7
  • Longest Zip-line: 120m

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