myanmar burma flag

Shut off from tourism for over 50 years, Myanmar is opening up to foreign visitors. A great time to visit and experience a unique culture in South-East Asia.

myanmar border phu nam ron

The land border crossing with Thailand at Phu Nam Ron will give you a ‘tradesmans’ entrance into the back door of Burma. A short hitchhike across the border and assuming all your paperwork is intact you’ll be granted entry. Then that’s where the true adventure starts!

thingyan water festival

A visit during the water festival is an experience to behold. The entire nation shuts down for the world’s biggest water fight! No one is shy to thoroughly douse you in water no matter who you are or what you are wearing!

ubein bridge

The U Bein bridge in Mandalay is both the oldest and longest teak wood bridge in the world at over 1.2 kilometres long and being built in 1850.

Travelling in Myanmar (Burma)

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