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The two Islands of New Zealand off a diverse mix including a hefty dose of the outdoors. Hot Springs in the sulphur smelling Rotorua, fly fish for trout in crystal clear mountain streams and of course head to the undisputed adrenaline capital of the world in Queenstown.

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The drive south of Queenstown will have you walking in the footsteps of Frodo as you find your own dose of precious. You will also be spoilt for choice in Queenstown during the ski season. Arrive for the winter festival if you can!

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The Cardona Hotel is a gold rush era pub located between Queenstown and Wanaka and has a long history, an open fire and lounges you can sink into for a while. The FAQs (pictured) are worth a read when you get there.

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Many think New Zealand is named after the major island of Zealand in Denmark. However, New Zealand was first uncovered for Europeans by the Dutch who named it after their south-western province of ‘Zeeland’.

Travelling in New Zealand

Posted by Warren | 12 Feb 2023
Ultimate Camping Guide to the Kepler Track

Hiking the Kepler track requires some planning. This camping guide will give you more freedom if you are looking to book last minute.

Remarkables Queenstown
Posted by Warren | 04 Jul 2017
Queenstown Winter Festival, An event not to be missed

Dog barking competitions, suitcase slaloms, assault courses in your underwear, live music and the awesome back drop of snowy capped mountains. It can only be the Queenstown Winter Festival! In...