russia flag

One of the largest countries in the world spanning 11 time zones. So much to see and a popular way to see the vast Siberian landscape is aboard the iconic Trans-Siberian Railway. The cultural capital of Russia, the historic St Petersburg, is offset by the intense, bustling political capital of Moscow.

church of spilled blood

Apart from the Siberian railway, get a canal boat in St Petersburg, become an art critic in one of the largest collection of artwork in the Hermitage museum. Or do your best James Bond impersonation as you break through the walls of the Kremlin in Moscow.

marinsky theatre

Catch a performance at the Marinsky Theatre in St Petersburg. Whether you are in to ballet, opera or classical music or not, it is worth checking out the architecture and history in between the pirouettes.

bronze horseman

The defiant Bronze Horseman statue in St Petersburg sits atop a 1500 tonne block of ‘thunderstone’ which was moved manually to its current position in 1782. To this day it is the largest stone moved without machinery. That is until we figure out how on earth they made the pyramids!

Travelling in Russia

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