Camping Guino, Puerto Natales

camping guino

With a ‘Penguino’ (penguin) as its logo, aptly named Camping Guino is located in the base town for the ever popular Torres Del Paine. The space is a large open field on a slope overlooking Puerto Natales The bus station is just around the corner should you need it and a large common area allows for the preparation of food, socialising and accessing the free WiFi available. The hosts are welcoming and you can bring your vehicle, as we did.

The good

WiFi was really good although only accessible from the common area. The communal area was a great spot to prepare food given the frequent bad weather that comes through Puerto Natales. There is also plenty of information on Torres Del Paine available.

The bad

The sloping ground makes it hard to find a flat place to sleep. There is only one or two flat places to park a car. The tent sites did look to be level though.

The awesome

Views over Puerto Natales are spectacular, frequent rainbows or storm clouds rolling in and the city lights twinkle in the distance w=once the sun finally sets in summer. Oh, and a large projector screens movies, sports and TV shows on occasion.

Camping Guino Ratings:

  • Overall: 3 stars
  • Ambience: 3 stars
  • Facilities: 3 stars


  • 10,000 CLP


  • Electricity: Only in common room
  • WiFi: Yes in common room
  • Hot Showers: Yes
  • Lighting: No (common area has lighting though)
  • BBQ: No (common area has a gas stove)
  • Shade/Shelter: Communal shelter


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