Bali Bohemia: Live Music and Cool Vibes

Bali Bohemia Sign

Connecting people through the appreciation of art and music.

If you are looking to get off the beaten tourist path in busy Ubud, you need to venture across to the other side of Sacred Monkey Forest. There is a banjar (small village) called Nyuh Kuning. It is home to a range of down-to-earth cafes and restaurants that run at a slower pace and deliver more on Ubud roots than Monkey Forest Road. One treasure just as you pop out of Monkey Forest is Bali Bohemia. Not quite a hidden but most definitely a gem.

Bali Bohemia Outside

Outside the front entrance of Bali Bohemia.

Enjoy yourself in true bohemian style at Bali Bohemia

I would say that Bali Bohemia is actually a community than just a bar or restaurant. In fact, it’s a hotel too and they serve breakfast (but I haven’t stayed there). They position themselves as a gathering place for free spirits, artists and musicians alike. Its identity is strong and authentic. You can tell Bali Bohemia lives and breathes its mantra, and it has not just been designed that way to draw in the crowds. It just is. We loved chilling out on the cushions, listening to local and travelling musicians jam, soaking up the creative vibes. Good food and good cocktails but it’s not a late night bar for party revellers. It’s a family friendly like-minded community where you will hear some of the best live music in Ubud.

Upstairs at the Bali Bohemia

Cool vibes and lazy hangout area at the top of the Bali Bohemia.

Main stage and musicians at Bali Bohemia

Downstairs a set of tables surround the main stage and some space for a dance (or expression) floor. The walls are covered by the artworks and paintings of local artists. A good opportunity to buy a genuine and unique piece of Balinese memorabilia. The place is alive with conversation and smiles. They host open-mic nights as well as featuring up-and-coming local artists. The music is broad, eclectic and the acoustics play with the soul. You’ll usually find a range of modern, traditional and ethnic musical instruments at play. Bali Bohemia could be in any town or country and it would have a following.

Man on stage at the Bali Bohemia

Open-mic night; this guy did a solo after jamming with the house muso.

Heading into the Bali Bohemia tree house

Upstairs is where you super chill. It has balé style low tables and lots of cushions and bean-bags. Completely open air, it is just one large bamboo veranda and feels like a tree house. They run table service so you can get really comfy and just relax in the laid back vibes.

With friends at the Bali Bohemia

A nostalgic black and white number to remember chilling with my friends in the tree house.

However, if you want to watch the bands and musicians from upstairs, they have you covered. The middle of the floor is cut out so you have a view of the stage and dance floor. Very cool when downstairs is full or if you just prefer the more chilled vibes upstairs.

Watching musicians at the Bali Bohemia

Watching the musicians downstairs from the tree house.

Tapas, Platters and Frozen Cocktails

Whilst their food is inspired by food from around the world, the dishes definitely lend themselves more to a middle-eastern style of cuisine, which is great, especially if you are in Bali for a long time. I would have to rate them at the higher end of the cost scale and they have their taxes and services added onto the advertised bill. However, the music is free so you are actually looking at great value when you add everything up. Also the food is good and flavoursome, containing a small range of tapas and platters good for sharing – Bali Bohemia Menu. The frozen fruit cocktails are a no brainer in the warm evenings but very strong, so pace yourself… or don’t and get pleasantly high-drunk on the fumes of the alcohol like we did!

Food at the Bali Bohemia

Chicken Avocado Sandwich, Bruschetta and Sheish Tawooq.

Even writing this article makes me want to jump on a plane and go to Ubud just for a night at Bali Bohemia. It’s difficult not to enjoy yourself at here, and it’s difficult not to come early and stay all night.

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