Seniman Coffee Studio

A good digital nomad work space café in Ubud

If you’re looking for somewhere to nomad for a day in Ubud, the Seniman Coffee Studio is a great little café tailored to the working wanderer.

Located on Jl. Sri Wedari just off the main street Jl. Raya Ubud, Senimans felt completely hidden away from the main drag but was yet completely central. With a wide open front, there was a beautifully refreshing and natural breeze. I also loved the eclectic tunes on roll spinning out everything from classic soul, grunge, electro and more.


The selection of coffee available at Seniman Coffee Studio.

The WIFI is fast and consistent with no outages. They have in-built plug sockets on a large share-square table and along the coffee bar. There’s an open supply of water (one jug laced with fresh apple and mint) keeping you hydrated between orders. The chairs, whilst shaped to support your back, are also designed to have a subtle rock for those contemplative moments. With the Balinese being a creative folk, it’s no surprise that Seniman are also the architects of these chairs and you can actually buy one yourself!


Inside Seniman Coffee Studio and those self-curated rocking chairs.

We spent a whole day there, kicking off with a coffee and ordering lunch midway. ‘Green bean processor, coffee exporter, roasted, designer, maker, and explorer’ is how they describe themselves online, so they obviously take their coffee production seriously but it doesn’t taste like that pretentious special origin hipster malarkey, it’s simply a great cup of coffee. They also delivered it with a complementary cookie – yum, don’t mind if I do! For lunch we had the seniman roll and chicken quesadilla both made with a soft light wrap, fluffy scrambled egg in the roll and the smoothest creamiest cheese in the quesadilla. I wouldn’t say these were huge portions but they filled us up and were perfect for what we needed. The cost is probably about mid-range for Ubud with our bill coming in at 120k IDR (approx. $12 AUD / $9 USD / £7 GBP at time of publishing).


Working morning with my coffee platter and our tasty lunches.

The vibe is relaxed and welcoming, and you don’t get the feeling that you’ve over stayed your welcome. With a mix of nomads and philosophers bustling around the place, it feels like a community over a business. So if you’re looking to pitch up somewhere for the day or would just like to enjoy a solid cup of unpretentious artisan coffee, I’d definitely recommend heading over to the Seniman Coffee Studio where “Everything happens to everyone”.

Ethical and Sustainable Travel

The Seniman Coffee Studio does not produce or sell Kopi Luwak. This is a massive plus and you can feel good about supporting ethical trade by going here over another cafe that promotes cruel coffee production activities for tourism.

I’ll be writing an article on Kopi Luwak soon. Subscribe to Sling Adventures or follow any of our social channels so you can read all about it when it’s published!

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