Chelsea Bakery Mittagong

chelsea bakery pie rack

Chelsea Bakery Mittagong is a dark horse in the pie trail stakes. A simple setup with some delicious pies. The run over from Burradoo felt longer than expected but relatively straight forwards following the main road and then the trail beside the railway before reaching the Old Hume highway. We actually left a water bottle here and after returning nearly two weeks later, they had saved it for us, so nice of them!

Running Stats:

  • Distance: 6.5km
  • Pie Time: 35 mins

Pie Charts:

A wide selection of pies from standard to gourmet available. Tough choice to make but finally, we took one from each menu. Chelsea Bakery staff were very friendly and the value for money is not to be overlooked.

  • Pies: Steak, onion & tomato; Ned Kelly (steak, egg, bacon & cheese)
  • Pastry: Best base so far. The lid lacked the flakiness of Gumnut.
  • Filling: Comparing the two pies we were torn on what we liked the best. We each prefered our own selection. The Ned Kelly was like a meaty quiche and the onion on the other pie added a decent zing in flavour.
  • Cost: $4.20 for standard pies; $4.50 for gourmet.
  • Sauce tax: 30 cents a sachet.

The Steak, Tomato & Onion (top); Ned Kelly (bottom).

Southern Highlands Pie Trail Run

The Southern ‘Pielands’ Trail Run went for the month of June. As ambassadors for ‘Pie time’ we ran to all of the 26 bakeries on the official Pie Trail to see what they had to offer. See our reviews of all 26 bakeries, their stories and their pies.

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